Mobile assistance systems

They are the networkers in a smart factory: Our autonomous mobile assistance systems network the individual production and assembly processes. As cyber-physical systems, they always have all relevant data on board.

Completely networked value creation, supporting automation

Are you familiar with the advantages of our tried-and-tested drive unit and automation solutions for stationary materials handling technology? Working with the maximum in flexibility and scalability enables you to rely on SEW-EURODRIVE's self-propelled mobile systems - in combination with outstanding properties in terms of safety for processes, plants, systems and personnel.

Due to the numerous extension functionalities and interfaces, these systems are able to provide optimum support and relieve people in logistics and production processes, in addition to simple transportation tasks. Assembly assistants function, for example, as intelligent and ergonomic workbenches, handling assistants assist by utilizing a collaborating robot.

At the same time, they share "perfect understanding" with the other mobile vehicles. They move autonomously, communicate with one another, and share data. Swarm intelligence is what the innovative decentralized control technology is called, with which the multiple mobile assistance systems can operate as an intelligent complete system .

What we offer for continuous, integrated human-technology cooperation

MOVITRANS® for automated guided vehicle system

MOVITRANS® induction power supply self-driving systems can be supplied with non-contact power while using the magnetic field generated by the line conductors for navigation.

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Automated guided vehicles for the smart factory
Factory Automation

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Automated guided vehicles for the smart factory

Factory automation

Automated guided vehicles for the smart factory

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