MAXOLUTION® process modules

You want to implement versatile and automated production facilities in your plants? And these production facilities should have a modular structure and be intelligently linked to one another, so that you can react to customer or market requirements in next to no time? Our MAXOLUTION® process modules are tailored to what you need and provide you with the necessary flexibility and reliability.

The factory of the future is modular

Product life cycles are getting shorter, while customer requirements get more specific and dynamics increase. In order to facilitate a highly efficient and cost-optimized production, the factory of the future must be modular and versatile. The basic prerequisites are: A fully networked value creation chain with intelligent collaboration between humans and technology, automated assistance and cutting-edge, future-proof concepts for material flow and logistics.

In the future, this will be enabled by decentralized process modules which can fulfill various roles in an automated production process and can be combined as needed. Depending on the market requirements, process modules can be duplicated, added or removed. This allows for adding new derivatives or variants to the production process without the need to redesign the entire production. Flexibly linked process modules with cellular transport systems will pave the way to that.

Our MAXOLUTION® automation solutions provide you with tailored process modules that will perfectly fit into your smart factory and increase your process quality.

Storage/retrieval systems

Storage/retrieval systems

Le nostre soluzioni di automazione MAXOLUTION® per i singoli sistemi di stoccaggio / recupero non solo garantiscono il corretto funzionamento della gestione dei materiali, ma offrono anche un notevole risparmio potenziale e un'elevata affidabilità operativa.

Automated guided vehicles for the smart factory
Factory Automation

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Automated guided vehicles for the smart factory

Factory automation

Automated guided vehicles for the smart factory


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