Cup-filling machine (HFS)

Flexible modularity is one of the most important trends in the engineering business. The open range of software modules from our MOVI-C® modular automation system provides the ideal starting point for implementing modular machine concepts for filling and sealing machines. A typical example is the automation of a cup-filling machine.

Aseptic cup-filling machine from VMS

Modular application modules for greater flexibility

The individual demands of consumers are constantly growing and so are those of food producers. This means manufacturers of packaging and filling machines are being presented with new challenges time and time again to develop their machines in a modular way for automation. At the same time, the demand is growing for technologies that are as reliable as they are available, as well as being innovative and offering scope for future expansion. And, if possible, from a single source.

Quote from Jürgen Lerner, head of design at VMS Maschinenbau

The innovative operating concept from SEW‑EURODRIVE makes simple and intuitive machine operation possible – even via smartphone and tablet.

SEW-EURODRIVE is exactly the right partner for this. With our MAXOLUTION® automation solutions, we rely on object-oriented programming and offer ready-to-use software modules for the respective applications with MOVIKIT®. With the appropriate selection of typical technology functions and simple and time-saving parameterization, the modules and applications of a horizontal cup-filling machine can be set in motion quickly, efficiently and in a perfectly synchronized manner.

Function blocks / applications

Parameterization instead of programming is MAXOLUTION'S answer® to the requirements in automation technology: For classic HFS machines – such as cup-filling machines with their high modularity – our MOVI-C® automation platform with MOVIKIT® offers a wide range of software modules. Your advantage: In this way, the applications of the individual modules of a cup-filling machine can be parameterized quickly and easily and implemented in the shortest possible time.

  • Feeding cups
  • Cleaning
  • Stirring
  • Filling (dosing)
  • Transporting
  • Lifting out cups
  • Sealing
  • Testing

Feeding cups

Gripper destacker in the cup feed
Gripper destacker in the cup feed
Gripper destacker in the cup feed
Gripper destacker in the cup feed

The automated cup feed is described by the MOVIKIT® MultiMotion Camming software module through simple parameterization and converted into cycle-synchronous machine movement. It is just as easy to synchronize the cups via parameterizable software modules.


With the safety technology based on FSoE (Fail Safe over EtherCAT®) integrated in the controller and drive, not only motors but other equipment too can be safely stopped. Thanks to the extended safety functions in the MOVIKIT® software modules, you can also safely reduce the speed and thus clean machine areas more easily and quickly.


Our MOVI-C® modular automation system allows modular development of machines not only in terms of software but also hardware. The broad portfolio of central and decentralized inverters for synchronous and asynchronous motors always offers the right drive. In this way, you can integrate machine options, for example an agitator, into the overall solution with a modular and decentralized structure, or remove them from it with minimal effort.

Filling (dosing)

The MOVITKIT® MultiMotion software module with its simple parameterization of the filling variant ensures fill level-based filling with real-time synchronization. At the same time, this function controls the dosing valves synchronously with the cycle.


A higher travel speed and thus up to 25% higher machine output can be achieved in this module of the cup-filling machine with the award-winning MOVIKIT® AntiSlosh software module. Thanks to this quickly parameterized function, you are able to move liquids without spilling them at all.

Lifting out cups (stamping)

Our MOVIKIT® MultiMotion Camming software modules with their electronic cam function offer ready-to-use engagement and disengagement functions that can be employed directly by the user. This allows, for example, lifting tools to be switched on and off synchronously and depending on position.

MOVIKIT® MultiMotion Camming eliminates the usual complicated and time-consuming programming of cam transition functions. After all, even complex processes can be implemented quickly and easily thanks to the simple parameterization.

Sealing and checking temperature

Secure, airtight packaging is necessary for a clean and aseptic seal. The right temperature is also crucial. We offer the appropriate components for temperature control and thus ensure the highest sealing quality.


We offer special software modules such as MOVITKIT® OPC-UA for easy connection to the controller. This allows data acquisition and quality assurance (testing and logging) to be implemented quickly, regardless of the platform. Our MOVI-C® CONTROLLERs also speak OPC UA®.

MOVI-C® – our all-rounder for your machine automation

MOVI-C®: This means 100% automation from a single source, not only in the engineering software for your planning and commissioning, but also the control technology, the central and decentralized converter technology and the drive technology. With our development environment, the Engineering-Software MOVISUITE®, you can, e.g. quickly configure the MOVIKIT® software modules for your drives by simple parameterization, while maintaining a clear overview. Everything else is done by the automatic program generation (code generation).

MOVI-C® modular automation system

  • modular
  • fully integrable
  • all components from one source
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