With a toploader case packer, a wide variety of product formats must be processed with a minimum amount of time and effort. This requires automation with highly flexible program execution – ideal operating conditions for our MOVI-C® modular automation system.

Modular solutions for robot-based packaging systems

The method used for products that cannot be stacked or stowed is secondary packaging on a toploader case packer. The prepared cartons and trays are automatically erected and glued. A loading device places the products from above into the carton, which is then closed and transported away.

Quote by Helge Sünnemann, programmer at OPITZ Maschinentechnik (Germany)

SEW-EURODRIVE makes my life a lot easier – especially with its prefabricated modules, that I simply have to connect up. This saves a lot of time.

Quote by Roland Kaluza, head of design at Dienst Verpackungstechnik

With SEW-EURODRIVE, we have created a basis that combines individuality with standardization and has reached a new level in our industry. This means I can simply rely on it always going one step further.

For this type of packaging machine, our MOVI-C® modular automation system offers the perfect interplay between control and drive engineering. This includes ready-to-use and parameterizable functions for all conceivable robot kinematics. This enables a complete robot control solution and ensures easy development of automation solutions even for complex packaging.

Parameterizing machine functions with MOVIKIT®

Pulling, gluing, forming, filling and closing – the modular design of a toploader case packer can be described and implemented in a short time using the matching MOVIKIT® MultiMotion software modules from the MOVI-C® modular automation system, thanks to simple parameterization. Functions such as the electronic cam for synchronized axis movements and for position-dependent valve control in real time are available for this purpose.

  • Feeding and collecting
  • Pre-grouping and inputting
  • Robot kinematics
  • Erecting carton
  • Closing
  • Simulation
  • Visualizing (PackML)

Feeding and collecting products

Feeding and collecting products: Conveyor with a red MOVIGEAR® drive
Feeding and collecting products: Conveyor with a red MOVIGEAR® drive

Our energy-efficient, modular and flexible drive packages based on synchronous and asynchronous motors ensure reliable product feeding in the secondary packaging area. This part of the automated processes is also checked and logged using our MOVI-C® modular automation system.

Pre-grouping and inputting into the cycle

Pre-grouping and inputting of products into the cycle
Pre-grouping and inputting of products into the cycle

In order to group the products from a continuous product stream for further processes in the toploader, signals must be quickly acquired and processed into motion profiles. Our MOVIKIT® AutomationFramework offers the machine programmer a wide range of tested software modules for the automation of case packers. These software modules enable quick programming of the necessary functions through simple parameterization.

Ready-made elements for a human-machine interface (HMI) can be directly connected and operated with the modules.

Robot kinematics

Robot kinematics
Robot kinematics

Delta robot to go: Two delta kinematics from the MOVIKIT® Robotics software module are used in further work steps. This kinematics software package supports all conceivable kinematics of robotics after quick and easy parameterization.

The two-armed delta robot in the case packer, which is completely controlled by our MOVI-C® CONTROLLER, places the products into the display carton flexibly and according to individual customer requirements – precisely in line with the toploader principle.

Erecting carton

Erecting carton
Erecting carton

With MOVIKIT® MultiMotion Camming, our software modules offer the ideal range of functions for the Carton Erector machine module. Especially with the integrated cam functions and the associated engagement and disengagement functions, the cardboard blank can be quickly extracted by suction in a perfectly matched procedure, and positioned synchronously with the erector punch.

The erector punch presses the blank through the forming tool – in turn also by means of a user-optimized profile. Here, too, automation from SEW-EURODRIVE ensures the processes are reliable: Our MOVI-C® CONTROLLER precisely controls the glue valves during erection and contributes to the dimensionally stable fixing of the finished box with pinpoint gluing.


Closing carton
Closing carton

To cap it all: put the lid on! With our complete MOVI-C® automation platform and the technology modules, the glue valves are precisely controlled and the glue bead is applied in the correct shape to seal the packaging.

The carton is closed using a specially optimized and pneumatically synchronized path curve of a MOVIKIT® kinematic module. Simple parameterization ensures that the corresponding motion profiles are quickly implemented.


We make software development easier and more efficient. To avoid unplanned surprises during machine commissioning, all prefabricated functions can be visualized with our MOVIKIT® software modules and, above all, extensively tested.

This ensures planning certainty in the automation of the toploader, saves time and reduces both scrap and material costs.

Visualizing (PackML)

Visualizing (PackML)
Visualizing (PackML)

Visualization simplifies operation: The MOVIKIT® AutomationFramework provided by SEW-EURODRIVE is an ideal software platform that enables programmers to structure their machine software clearly and easily. Programmed on the basis of PackML, it meets the international standard for controlling machines in the area of the entire packaging line, and is therefore accepted and known worldwide.

The advantage of this solution is the continuous standardization with regard to diagnostics, alarm handling and recipe management. Large manufacturers in the food industry greatly appreciate the fact that this enables them to operate all machines in a production hall in the same way. In principle, the PackML structure can be used for any machine.

MOVI-C® – our all-rounder for your machine automation

Robot-supported machine elements can be parameterized with the MOVI-C® automation platform and integrated into the sequence control program. The MOVIKIT® Robotics modular software system supports several dozen different kinematics models, which are available in numerous variants. Our keypad, which is fully supported by MOVI-C®, can be used for programming and commissioning the robot.

MOVI-C® modular automation system

  • modular
  • fully integrable
  • all components from one source
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