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The global economic-professional landscape has undergone a significant change in recent years, and the boundary between work and private life has increasingly narrowed, leading to the emergence of new needs and demands which must be met with flexible and efficient customized solutions.

The ability to offer solutions for the balance between work and family and to provide support for free time and health has become a determining factor for the development and success of a company.

SEW-EURODRIVE has launched a Welfare plan which aims to create company prosperity. We believe that a serene work environment increases the motivation of all and favors open comparison and team work. Lastly, developing internal welfare allows a company to foster itself in an ethical and sustainable way. Furthermore, as it has been engaged for several years in the creation of a culture of sustainability, in order to create a context aimed at preserving present and future innovations as well as the environment, SEW-EURODRIVE has decided to promote smartworking more and more: to work from home not only assigned to the individual employee to reconcile work-family, but at the same time regular to the reduction of C02 emissions.

SEW-EURODRIVE focuses its attention on three main areas of welfare: work-life balance, health safeguards, family support and free time.

Work-Life balance

Work-life balance
  • Flexible working hours: taking into account the current scenarios linked to the spread of covid-19, the company has increasingly promoted smartworking, introduced as early as 2017 with the aim of contributing to the creation of a corporate culture based on widespread responsibility and transparency of results: from autonomy to remote support, up to the attention to results not only business, but also personal.
  • Time-saving services (mail, laundry, car wash and maintenance, receiving shipments, free tax return compilation for the 730 form)
  • Part-time availability for mothers with small children and employees with special needs
  • Extension of paternity leave

Health safeguards

Health Safeguards
  • Medical check-ups
  • Help-desk for elderly relatives and disabled persons
  • Discounts with sports centers
  • Seminars for health prevention
  • Special parking for pregnant mothers

Family support and free time

Family support
  • Reimbursement of school expenses for the children of collaborators
  • Reimbursement of transport passes
  • Scholarships for high school and university for employees' children
  • Educational and vocational guidance services for employees' family members
  • Discounts with language schools for the whole family
  • Loans to employees for special needs
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