Looking to the future with solid values

As a family business, we are proud to be one of the leading companies in the supply of technologies and management for automation. Our position involves a social responsibility towards our employees, suppliers and towards the community; a responsibility to which we do not intend to withdraw. The responsibility is the importance of the SEW-EURODRIVE rules, on which our work is based.

Any incorrect behavior, contrary to the Code of Ethics, can damage SEW-EURODRIVE and is therefore not tolerated.

This is a work due not only to managers, but rather a single figure within the company, from the level managerial staff. Everyone must be implicit in their responsibilities. Our Code of Ethics is designed as a guide for our actions:

- Includes compliance with all applicable laws

- Stresses values: transparency, flexibility, ethics and collaboration

Key principles:

  • We always act in compliance with the laws in force in the country.
  • All of us are invested with a particular responsibility and pay maximum attention to the rules of the Code of Ethics.
  • We condemn child labor and forced labor and monitor for possible human rights violations.
  • We respect all workers' rights and promote their application.
  • We give great importance to the health and safety of our employees and support the continuous improvement of safety measures.
  • Mutual respect is essential for us and any form of discrimination is banned.
  • We always operate with conscience to minimize the impact on the environment and to conserve resources

Commercial relationships with suppliers and customers

The SEW-EURODRIVE group has a tradition of over 85 years of supplying drive technologies and automation solutions, a position that involves a social responsibility towards our employees, customers and suppliers and towards the community.

This responsibility includes compliance with applicable laws, compliance with the essential ethical values and compliance with the Code of Ethics of SEW-EURODRIVE, which does not tolerate improper behavior that may damage our company or the interlocutors with whom we operate.

We therefore believe it is important to share with you our accompanying behavioral rules regarding gifts and invitations, to ensure that donations or awards do not affect our decision-making processes.

For further information please contact sew-marketing@sew-eurodrive.it

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