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Industry 4.0 Award 2016 in the "Lean & Industry 4.0" category


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At the 4th Industry 4.0 Convention on November 30, 2016 in Ulm, SEW-EURODRIVE won the "Lean & Industry 4.0" category of the Industry 4.0 Award 2016.

Further Industry 4.0 accolade

Presented by trade journal Produktion und ROI Management Consulting, this award recognizes SEW-EURODRIVE’s holistic approach and future-focused lean smart factory activities.

The basic idea of using IT to network production is not a new one. The concept of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) dates back to the 1980s. The CIM philosophy involved full automation – everything from planning to production was to be controlled using computers. The human factor was forgotten to some degree. This is not the case in the fractal factory, which comprises several production cells in small "factories within the factory" that are called small factory units. Industry 4.0 is the continuation of this fractal approach. Production set up using lean principles is complemented by intelligent automation. This enables the perfect collaboration of man and machine.