10/16/2017 • The aviation industry has more supplier constraints than nearly any other industry in the world. To meet these stringent standards, manufacturers are required to provide proof of each component’s performance through rigorous testing and documentation. SEW-EURODRIVE is proud to announce the addition of our MOVIGEAR® and DRC.. products to the BNP Baggage Handling System specification as an approved supplier of permanent magnet motors and gearmotors.

BNP Associates, Inc., one of the industry’s leading consultants, has approved the SEW-EURODRIVE MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system and the DRC.. electronic motor for use on their projects.

As a global leader in intelligent and energy-efficient drive engineering, SEW-EURODRIVE is proud to add the MOVIGEAR® and DRC.. product families to our MOVIMOT® and classic gearmotor products that have been BNP approved for many years.

MOVIGEAR® is a highly efficient all-in-one drive solution combining an IE4 permanent-magnet motor, helical gearing, and VFD in an ergonomically designed unit. The DRC.. electronic motor series combines integrated electronics with a synchronous permanent magnet motor that can be applied to the variety of SEW-EURODRIVE gearing we have been supplying the BHS industry for years.

If you are planning or configuring systems for baggage handling and need to reduce your incoming power, lower your operating energy consumption, control heat and noise, and provide an ergonomic, environmentally responsible product the MOVIGEAR® and DRC.. are the products for you.

The approval was awarded based on a rigorous testing and evaluation process. A MOVIGEAR® unit and a DRC.. electronic motor, including KT49 gear unit, each had to undergo one million load cycles under full load conditions, without failure or wear.

Testing was performed under realistic conditions in strict compliance with the specifications of BNP's Denver-based division. Test facilities were built and quality testing was performed at SEW-EURODRIVE’s. U.S. headquarters in Lyman, South Carolina.

The evaluation process included testing and documenting of the following parameters:

• Power consumption

• Temperature

• Noise level

• Torque

• Speed

Following the load test, the drives were completely disassembled and inspected for signs of wear. As expected, both mechatronic drives successfully passed their test, certifying their performance and quality.

With their approval, BNP Associates has joined the growing number of worldwide BHS consultants that are realizing their customers are wanting the benefits that the MOVIGEAR® and DRC.. permanent magnet motor products offer.

To the approval letter from BNP Associates, Inc. for SEW-EURODRIVE   (PDF, 109 KB)