SEW-EURODRIVE Service Partner: technical assistance and maintenance services always at your side

SEW-EURODRIVE has created a network of authorized Service Partners to support the users of machines and systems for any needs for maintenance, technical assistance and original spare parts with even more rapidity and flexibility.

SEW-EURODRIVE Service Partner

A network of companies with decade’s experience qualified and well integrated throughout the Italian territory, which offer services in the Service area, but also consultancy for replacement products and installation in the field and be faster and more responsive to the needs of our customers throughout Italy.

With the SEW-EURODRIVE Service Partner brand we want to make the quality of our partners more easily recognizable and identifiable for after-sales, technical assistance and installation activities, differentiating them from unauthorized or unofficial companies. We offer continuous training to our Service Partners so that any type of intervention can meet the SEW-EURODRIVE quality standards.

Our Service Partners independently resell installation and maintenance activities on SEW components and have an independent professional and commercial organization, specialized technical skills that are constantly updated to support you in the main phases of use of SEW-EURODRIVE components.

Here are the complete services offered by all our Service Partners:

  • Sale of spare parts, spare parts and replacement products under the SEW-EURODRIVE brand
  • On-site technical assistance for emergency interventions, scheduled maintenance activities or technical support for installations or plant shutdowns, on SEW-EURODRIVE branded products under warranty and not
  • Field installation of gearmotors, motors and gear units of the SEW-EURODRIVE brand
  • Wireless sensor mounting on SEW-EURODRIVE brand components
  • Mapping of installed components
  • Oil-Check
  • Oil change and seal
  • Brake replacement
  • Replacement of the encoder
  • Terminal block rotation
  • Quick Check:
    • Check the mounting position of the gearmotor
    • Visual inspection for oil leaks, checking the oil level and all sealing points on the gearbox, for example the oil seal
    • Measurement of the level of contamination of the oil used
    • Check the noise level of the gearbox and motor bearings
    • Control of the terminal block (state, oil / water ingress, state of gaskets and screws) and inspection of the wiring
    • Control of brake wear, functional test (mechanical and electrical) of the brake
  • Rewinding and repairs of single-phase, three-phase, direct current or alternating current electric motors of SEW-EURODRIVE brand

The Service Partners offer their own guarantees on all the services offered, therefore the general conditions of assistance of SEW-EURODRIVE are not valid; moreover, they cannot replace the interventions and activities that only SEW-EURODRIVE can provide you with in an optimal way.

For more information, please contact our Service Partners or contact SEW-EURODRIVE Service.

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