Warehouse logistics solutions

Storage logistics in battery cell production

Intelligent storage logistics and storage systems for the aging process

The lengthy pre-aging and aging process means that battery cells need to be stored for 10-12 days before they can be further processed and transferred to battery cell assembly. Storage space is expensive, storage and handling equipment also costs a lot of space, energy and time. As an experienced partner in warehouse logistics, we help you to make optimal use of existing storage space and reduce operating costs through intelligent energy management and smart conveyor technology - both for intermediate material storage and for the aging process.

Important goals

Sustainable carbon footprint

The reduction of CO2 is becoming increasingly important. The collection of all sensor data, such as CO2consumption, can reveal optimization potential.

Maximum utilization of storage space

Space in high-bay warehouses is precious. Equipment and systems there must therefore be designed to be as compact as possible. Space-saving drives help here.

Optimized energy management

When logistics warehouses continue to grow in height, energy consumption also increases. Intelligent energy management can help here.

High system availability

Warehouse logistics is already reaching its capacity limits. Modern technologies help to increase plant availability and throughput.

Our solutions

Efficient warehouse logistics with storage/retrieval system

With many years of experience, we support you in getting the most out of the available storage space. Smart conveyor technology and intelligent energy management are crucial to your success here.

Our solutions for warehouse logistics in battery cell production

Storage/retrieval system

Storage and retrieval systems not only help you to automatically store and retrieve materials and goods, but also support you in the processes associated with warehousing. Thanks to many years of experience in the logistics industry, SEW-EURODRIVE can offer the complete package here: From drive and control technology to software, functional safety and energy management.

Your requirement

  • economical storage
  • low energy consumption
  • high operational reliability
  • fast commissioning

Our solution

MOVIDRIVE® application inverter MOVIDRIVE® application inverter SCM compact decentralized controller MOVI-C® CONTROLLER UHX MOVI-C® CONTROLLER UHX Gearmotors consisting of helical-bevel gear units and DRN AC motors Gearmotors consisting of helical-bevel gear units and DRN AC motors Power and Energy Solutions energy management system Power and Energy Solutions energy management system Software module MOVIKIT® MultiAxisController, StackerCrane effiDRIVE & AntiSway Software module MOVIKIT® MultiAxisController, StackerCrane effiDRIVE & AntiSway MOVISAFE® CSA31A safety card MOVISAFE® CSA31A safety card

Life Cycle Services

At SEW-EURODRIVE, we define life cycle services as services and services as well as offerings, aids and tools along your entire plant life cycle. Starting with the initial orientation through to the use and modernization of your machines and systems.

We will be happy to put together a customized service package for you - tailored to your needs and scalable at any time.

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