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The food industry, the second Italian manufacturing industry, is an increasingly strong reference to Made in Italy. Of vital importance, the Food & Beverage sector is paying increasing attention to the consumer.

The existing ferment, in fact, towards the digital transformation of the processes and the personalization of the product pushes the numerous companies active in the sector to make constant investments in research and innovation of process and product, focusing on new plants and primary packaging, on a logistics of latest generation, quality control and a broader security concept.

The use of new technologies and the implementation of a process oriented towards the digitalisation of processes able to impact on the production of food products becomes a "must have" capable of translating into greater productivity, greater efficiency and superior results. However, in order to realize the full potential of technology, a new approach is required to overcome the challenges of Mass Customization through increases in production flexibility, improvements in energy efficiency and process, simplicity of programming and start-up, as well as greater safety and security. an increase in the speed of adaptation to customer needs or to market demands.

The integrated process and intelligent control solutions guide the Food & Beverage industry towards the maximum development of new technologies. Dynamism, precision and continuity are the needs of the food and consumer goods sector. The goal is to perform various functions in succession, such as filling, palletization or transport, with extreme efficiency and precision. The various movements require reliable and powerful drive systems to ensure the necessary delicacy and to use the appropriate force, when the objects to be prepared, handled and packaged are particularly fragile foods, which otherwise would be damaged and wasted along the production process.

Greater flexibility, efficiency, simplicity, safety and speed are the focus on which, in SEW-EURODRIVE, we aim to guarantee the food industries a reduction in the time-to-market and an increase in production agility to cope with the dynamism of the market and to increasingly binding production challenges.


  • Flexibility:

    able to increase productivity thanks to connected and modular solutions.
  • Efficiency:

    understood as intelligent management of both energy consumption and production processes.
  • Simplicity:

    as a competitive advantage for the management of complex activities with high added value.
  • Safety:

    as reliability of the machines, through predictive maintenance functions, food protection and process integrity.
  • Fast:

    quickly adapt platforms and applications to market needs, production volumes and product customizations.

Machine Automation

The answer to a highly optimized production in the food & beverage industry is the introduction of new smart production concepts into the factory, like the adoption of connected and digitized solutions, as well as efficient, capable of guaranteeing the plants the flexibility they need to react to seasonal peaks or to make quick product changes.

The ongoing revolution in the food sector, concerning the new sensitivity towards non-polluting materials and the latest food trends (healthy, organic, etc.), underlines the importance of the right combination of technologies able to fully satisfy the particular production needs of market and guarantee high standards of performance.

The advantages deriving from an increasingly precise and flexible automation offer several improvements: greater product quality, optimization of pick and place times and processing of both primary and secondary packaging operations, as well as an increase in logistics performance, with a consequent reduction in management costs.

Intelligent automation allows us to respond in a more agile way to the dynamics of today's highly competitive market and to the ever-changing demands of the food production sector. In the Food sector, this translates into the use of smart automation technologies, able to ensure undoubted competitive advantages at the various levels of the production chain.

These include the connected, flexible and modular MOVI-C® platform, a complete solution for automation in four modules: design software, control technology, drive technology and drive technology. Designed to ensure versatility and adaptability in the automation of machines and systems for time and cost savings.

Alcune delle nostre tecnologie di azionamento:



The new MOVIGEAR®is the mechatronic drive system with integrated electronics in the motor or in the control cabinet. For SEW-EURODRIVE the concept of "decentralized" has always been important and the advantages are: reduced costs and energy savings, factors that are increasingly relevant in the design of plants and machinery. The concepts of decentralized installation are based on the modularization and standardization of components and functions as well as on the integration of intelligent control solutions directly into the on-board drive technology or in the control cabinet.

Your advantages:

  • Take advantage of the savings potential

    thanks to the ample efficiency of the drive system that allows to reduce consumption by 50% compared to conventional systems
  • Riduzione delle varianti

    dato che il campo di velocità con coppia continua costante e coppia di sovraccarico permette una variante per molte funzioni
  • Infrastruttura semplificata

    grazie all’abbinamento di energia e comunicazione in un cavo che riduce il processo di installazione e il rischio di anomalie
  • Ridurre lo spazio per il montaggio

    la completa integrazione dei componenti e la forma costruttiva compatta riducono lo spazio di montaggio rispetto a potenze simili
  • Pianificare in modo conveniente

    le caratteristiche e i vantaggi portano a diminuire i costi di magazzino per i pezzi di ricambio e i costi generali di esercizio

ECDriveS ®


ECDriveS®is also synonymous with "easy drive", a simple, effective and low-cost drive solution for SEW-EURODRIVE roller conveyors.

Our ECDriveS®, which feature DC drives with a continuous power of 40 W and a dynamic power of up to 100 W, have been optimized for the power range of roller conveyors used in the light load transport technology.

Your advantages:

  • Time saving

    because it is possible to order drive systems easily from a single supplier: SEW-EURODRIVE
  • Overcoming the market standard

    performed by ECDriveS®, which provides more power and overload capacity than comparable typical solutions.
  • Easy implementation of positioning functions

    thanks to the transducer integrated into the ECDriveS®.
  • Free choice of piloting

    by central control with PLC or decentralized and intelligent transport logic for dynamic movement without pressure.
  • Future-proof network

    thanks to Ethernet.


MOVIFIT Compact ®

MOVIFIT® compact, the decentralized frequency converter for efficient transport. The maximum with the minimum. MOVIFIT® compact has the essential functions and features and has been designed as a frequency converter for the lowest operating range.

Your Advantages

  • Very short installation times

    thanks to the simple power connection technique and fast and intuitive commissioning.



Proven combination of drive technology with MOVIMOT®, combination of geared motor and digital frequency converter. Available in all versions and constructions of our standard gearmotors, with or without brake. The gearmotor and frequency converter correspond to your connection voltage from 380 V to 500 V or from 200 V to 240 V, MOVIMOT® is the ideal solution for use in power ranges from 0.37 kW up to 4 , 0 kW.

Your advantages:

  • Quick installation

    thanks to the connecting device of the pluggable motor, in case of assistance it can be easily replaced.
  • Long-lasting electronics

    thanks to optimized cooling and separated from the motor for field use, with a speed variation of 300 1 / min. up to 3000 1 / min.
  • Flexible assembly

    with field distributors thanks to the rational connection between fieldbus and sensors. Directly on the engine or separated next to it
  • Reliable construction

    no other mechanical protection is required with the solid metal housing. Permanent protection of electronics.
  • Studied communication

    with standard fieldbus interfaces suitable for all common bus systems.
  • Simple commissioning

    thanks to the references that can be set manually

Material Handling

Stationary handling equipment in the food industry is essential to comply with increasingly stringent industry regulations. The food production industry requires cleanliness, productivity and reliability, as well as timely traceability, therefore safety must be strategically integrated to ensure consistency and regularity of food processes, as well as uniform results over time. Intelligent logistics management sets the stage for meeting customer needs and for delivering goods and products to the right destination at the right time efficiently and accurately.

Logistic movements must also guarantee the protection of products, as well as extremely precise storage. The optimization of production and factory layouts is certainly a fundamental aspect to make the production of a food industry more efficient through the correct management of the warehouse and intralogistics.

In fact, the growing demand for customization of products leads to the creation of increasingly variable pallets that also impact on the handling phases of food products. Precisely at this stage of the process, the use of AGV, Automated Guided Vehicle, is taking place in an increasingly more structured and structured way, so much so that the rethinking of logistics at the service of production is assumed.

The goal is to create versatile production processes, as required by a production context interested in obtaining maximum flexibility, simplicity and speed during the increasingly frequent product change phases.

Our MAS, Mobile Assistance System for Food are, in fact, able to bring innovation into increasingly complex production systems through the creation of new dynamic routes, without having to move goods and products on fixed and predefined routes.

Soluzioni di sistema:

Mobile Assistance System (MAS)

Mobile Assistance System

The new autonomously guided MAS mobile assistance systems act as a mobile, intelligent and ergonomic workbench, connecting the individual production phases and the assembly process to the network. The technology of collective intelligence also allows you to store and keep all the most important data inside.

Our assistants are used in many industries and provide support in materials logistics such as mobile workbench, component handling or machine loading and unloading, as well as transporting parts and components inside and outside the company.

Your processes and our corresponding drive solutions for the beverage industry

Process overview of beverage handling 1
Raw materials supply in the beverage industry

Handling a variety of raw materials for beverage production first and foremost requires hygienic, reliable drive technology.

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Primary packaging supply in the beverage industry

Whether you handle disposable, returnable, glass, or PET containers, our drive systems guarantee an efficient supply of empty bottles for the bottling process.

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Processing and production in the beverage industry

Fast batch changes and seasonal peaks in the beverage industry call for extremely adaptable and reliable drive technology.

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Bottling in the beverage industry

Cleanliness and hygiene are a number one priority in beverage bottling. Our aseptic drive systems are what you need for this sensitive process.

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Secondary packaging in the beverage industry

High speeds, long maintenance intervals, and energy efficiency all play a key role in packing products into crates or tubular bags.

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Goods issue and logistics in the beverage industry

During the goods issue process, your materials handling systems must be fully interlinked and have a high overload capacity in order to transport packaging units and pallets.

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