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  • Plant upgrade for Inca Kola

    Less cable – more efficiency

    The Lindley Corporation used the latest technologies as part of a modernization project for its production plant, including the MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system.

The MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system is extremely energy efficient. The significant saving of cable material was another benefit of the installation for Inca Kola in Peru.

Easy installation, high energy efficiency

Easy installation, high energy efficiency - Lindley Corporation S. A.
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Easy installation, high energy efficiency - Lindley Corporation S. A.

The Peruvian company, Lindley Corporation S. A, was founded over a hundred years ago and its success story with Inca Kola continues to this day. The yellow soft drink has been able hold its position over other brands for decades. Besides Inca Kola, these days the Lindley Corporation S. A. also bottles Coca-Cola and other soft drinks and juices for the Peruvian market. Lindley achieves a production volume of over 45,000 bottles every minute with 9 bottling plants across the country. The Peruvian bottler has been using SEW-EURODRIVE gearmotors for many years.

A project to upgrade its production plants commenced in 2009. We recognized that the MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive concept was the ideal solution for the new plant that Lindley was about to establish. As a result, the MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system was installed in many of the conveyor lines of Coca-Cola's official bottler in Peru. The MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system is not just energy efficient, it can also save significant amounts of cable material during installation.

Tobias Nittel, industry manager at SEW-Eurodrive, explains: “The individual components may be a bit more expensive than conventional solutions. But these products provide the customer with clear added value that quickly translates into financial benefits."

Decentralized MOVIGEAR® concept provides clear benefits

  • Simple installation with the Single Line Network (SNI) technology: only one cable used for energy and information transfer
  • Hygienic surface design for applications in the hygiene sector
  • High energy efficiency for the entire system

The Lindley Corporation completed the first modernization project in the port city of Callao in the fall of 2009. This is where it constructed a new hall for a beverage production line. We installed 53 units of the MOVIGEAR® SNI mechatronic drive system with six decentralized MOVIFIT® SNI drive control units on the glass line in order to transport crates. This allowed Lindley to save about 60% of bulk cable in the installation, compared with the traditional solution with frequency inverters in the control cabinet.

For this first project, Lindley used the SEW drives in the dry area. Their use extended from depalletizing empty crates to unpacking and repacking all the way to palletizing the filled crates. Empty and filled crates with twelve one-liter glass bottles are transported throughout this process. This meant that this plant, part of the Lindley Corporation S. A. modernization project, was the first MOVIGEAR® project in South America.

The success story continues

Lindley recorded significant energy savings in the first year of production following this project and was extremely satisfied with the simple installation. So, the producer of Inca Kola has since relied on our drive solutions with MOVIGEAR®. In 2010, together with the OEM Sidel, we installed additional systems in the Inca Kola plants.

These projects involved complete transport lines for bottles and crates. Lindley was extremely satisfied with SEW drives in the dry area as part of the first modernization project. As a result, the bottle transport in the wet area was also constructed in these lines, using the tried and tested MOVIGEAR® technology. A new water bottling plant was developed in 2011. To date, over 500 MOVIGEAR® units have been installed for the Lindley Corporation in Peru.

Save 60% of bulk cable during installation

Customer request

Energy efficiency and simple installation were key factors for the Lindley Corporation as part of the plant modernization for the beverage line.

Our solution

The new, mechatronic MOVIGEAR® drive concept was the optimal solution for Lindley to achieve their energy efficiency requirements. During installation, the significant 60% reduction in cable material proved to be an additional advantage.

Interview: Augusto Rey, Corporate Manager, Lindley Corporation S. A.

A clear goal of energy efficiency

As a bottler, we are part of Coca-Cola's global system. The company has clear goals with regard to where it wants to be in 2020, the "20-20 project". One of these goals is...

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