Storage in the logistics sector

  • Place goods in storage and remove goods from storage

    Stacker crane

    Safely place goods in storage and accurately remove goods from storage for further distribution.

Storage technology plays a central role in the accurate flow of goods. Our highly dynamic drive technology and intelligent automation enable you to quickly and safely place your goods in storage and subsequently remove them from storage.

Automated warehouse optimization

Automatic warehouse
Automatic warehouse
Automatic warehouse

The warehouse houses materials, small components, and finished products waiting to be used for production or delivered to customers.

To effectively manage warehousing processes, some key requirements must be met.

These primarily include reducing energy consumption and maximizing plant availability. Smart energy management helps reduce operating costs, and efficient maintenance improves system availability. Both actions are effective and benefit both the company's business and the planet as they contribute to the sustainability of the system by reducing the overall impact of the plant on the environment.

Another important aspect relates to operational continuity, which must be ensured, as any failures could lead to warehouse downtime, creating bottlenecks downstream in the production process. Efficient and reliable components that are compact and have low maintenance requirements are key to optimized management of the automated warehouse.

Finally, it is also relevant to choose approaches based on parameterization of control logic over solutions that involve time-consuming software development for configuration and potential reconfiguration of the system, an increasingly common scenario. In particular, it makes a significant difference to be able to easily and quickly change the acceleration and speed parameters related to handling, so as to find the best solution for the safe handling of the goods with optimized times.

Our solutions for your automated warehouse

  • Stacker crane
  • Conveyors and material handling
  • Palletizing

Stacker crane

Storing and retrieving goods in automated warehouses

In the case of high-bay storage in the logistics sector, fully automated stacker cranes ensure that various goods and containers are quickly and reliably placed in storage and later accurately removed from storage. The weight to be transported, the number of double cycles needed per hour, and the storage dimensions are decisive factors in relation to the demands placed on storage technology and therefore drive technology.

MOVIKIT® software modules

The "StackerCrane" category includes several parameterizable MOVIKIT® software modules for implementing storage/retrieval systems. These software modules enable energy-optimized management of the traversing and lifting axes with energy savings of up to 25%.

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PE-S Power and Energy Solutions

PE-S Power and Energy Solutions is a solution with a regenerative power module that enables different inverters to be connected in DC-Link mode, exchange energy between axes and feed surplus braking energy into the power system. The reduction in energy consumption compared with a solution with simple braking resistor can be up to 40%.

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MOVISAFE® CS..A safety cards

Functional safety is now an integral part of every application. With MOVISAFE® CS..A safety cards, SEW-EURODRIVE has tested functional safety in all MOVI-C® drives as an integral part.

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Conveyors and material handling

Seamlessly interconnect different process levels

When it is necessary to transfer goods from one level to another or from one area of the warehouse to another, conveyors are required. For such applications, our portfolio provides you with speed and reliability thanks to decentralized drive units and ready-to-use parameterizable software modules.

MOVIKIT® software modules

The "Drive" category includes MOVIKIT® software modules that run directly on the MOVIDRIVE® inverter. These software modules enable positioning applications with a permanently defined fieldbus interface, classic "rapid/creep speed positioning" without a motor encoder, and applications with velocity control and a permanently defined fieldbus interface.

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Decentralized drive units

Mechatronic drive systems with integrated electronics and digital interface. The decentralized drive units of the MOVI-C® modular automation system ensure high performance and extreme flexibility.

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Pack and organize goods quickly and smoothly

In order to reliably pack and unpack large quantities of goods, it is necessary to rely on fast, dynamic motion and accurate positioning. To this end, we have developed highly dynamic servo drive solutions and parameterizable, easy-to-use software modules.

MOVIKIT® Robotics software modules

The "Robotics" category includes MOVIKIT® software modules for robot control. These modules provides a wide range of models for parameterization. In addition, MOVIKIT® Robotics addon MediumModels expands the functionality of MOVIKIT® Robotics by adding the option of configuring kinematic models with three or four joint axes. This includes kinematic models of the type gantry robots, roller gantries, delta robots, tripods, SCARA, and mixed designs.

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MOVIMOT® performance drive unit

MOVIMOT® performance is the decentralized drive unit that provides you with high performance and extreme flexibility, simplicity and quick installation. By complying with energy efficiency class IE5, the specifications of MOVIMOT® performance are higher than those of all other solutions on the market.

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Your benefits

  • Safe storage

    thanks to reliable system and drive technology that safely brings all goods to the storage location and accurately removes them later.
  • Exact positioning

    with the help of accurate control technology with software modules that are perfectly tailored to your application.
  • Reduce operating costs

    thanks to overload-resistant drives that ensure greater fail-safe operation.
  • Precise automation

    thanks to our integrated and perfectly coordinated drive and control technology.

MOVI‑C® modular automation system

  • Modular
  • Fully integrable
  • Everything from a single source
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