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Your benefits

Implement power
as the planetary servo gearmotors offer dynamic power delivery in torque classes up to 320 Nm.

Work with precision
as the accurate scalability and short response times of the planetary servo gearmotors permit exact and complex processes.

Operate reliably
with proven technology that ensures optimum process sequences and safe implementation.

Dynamic servo gearmotors for real precision applications

Rely on high power density, dynamics and precision right from the start when designing your systems. As the low backlash planetary servo gearmotors of the PS.F..CMP.. and PS.C.CMP.. series are characterized by tremendous efficiency and flexibility.

The basis is formed by the compact combination of powerful planetary gear units and dynamic synchronous servomotors from the CMP.. series. Planetary servo gear units account for constantly low rotational clearances, high torsional rigidity and torque. The synchronous servomotors of the CMP.. series ensure precise control and high dynamics. This enables you, even with the highest cycle rate requirements, to optimally match different precision sequences to each other and achieve powerful performance.

Thanks to their high degree of efficiency, their reliability and their durability, our planetary servo gearmotors offer you an economically sound solution from the modular system. With endless options and individual implementation possibilities: Always tailor-made, always perfectly and individually configured.

Contact form Worldwide locations TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system Surface and corrosion protection Low backlash planetary servo gear units PS.F series
  • Low-backlash planetary servo gear units
  • Designed for nominal torques from 25 Nm to 3000 Nm
  • Available in three output variants:
    • PSF: B5 output, flange, smooth solid shaft (without key)
    • PSKF: B5 output, flange, solid shaft with key
    • PSBF: B5 output, flange block shaft according to EN ISO 94
  • Easy mounting of (third-party) motors using the EPH motor adapter
  • Life-long lubrication
  • Surface protection: OS1 to OS4
  • High permitted overhung loads
PS.C series
  • Planetary servo gear units
  • Designed for nominal torques between 30 Nm and 320 Nm
  • Provide the basis for diverse, dynamic, and above all, cost-optimized drive solutions
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Any mounting position
  • Life-long lubrication
  • Surface protection: OS1 to OS4
  • Available in four output variants:
    • PSC: B5 output, flange, solid shaft
    • PSKC: B5 output, flange, solid shaft with key
    • PSCZ: B14 output, flange, solid shaft
    • PSKCZ: B14 output, flange, solid shaft with key
  • Easy mounting of (third-party) motors using the ECH motor adapter
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Synchronous servomotor
  • Highest dynamic characteristics throughout the entire CMP.. series thanks to the low-inertia rotor design and high overload capacity of the motors
  • Performance-optimized and extremely compact design thanks to the latest winding and magnet technology
  • Standstill torques from 0.5 Nm to 95 Nm
  • Optional CMPZ.. motor variant with increased rotor inertia for all applications with high load moments of inertia
  • High quality of concentric running characteristics
  • Direct mounting of the motor on a gear unit from our modular gear unit system
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Planetary servo gearmotors PS.F series with CMP.. motor
Gear unitMotor
Gear unit typeGear unit sizeSizeTorque range MaDyn
PS.F12140M50L15 Nm38 Nm
12240M50L26 Nm
38 Nm
22150S63M15 Nm
85 Nm
22240M50L60 Nm
85 Nm
21 Nm
168 Nm
32250S63M82 Nm
169 Nm
52150M80L51 Nm
385 Nm
52250S71M82 Nm
385 Nm
62163M100L150 Nm
705 Nm
62250M80L250 Nm
745 Nm
72180S100L290 Nm
1230 Nm
50M80L250 Nm
1540 Nm
82263L100L735 Nm
2740 Nm
92280S100L1150 Nm4200 Nm
PS.C series with CMP.. motor
Gear unitMotor
Gear unit typeGear unit sizeSizeTorque range MaDyn
From To
11 Nm
42 Nm
37 Nm
42 Nm
15 Nm
91 Nm
76 Nm
91 Nm
31 Nm
220 Nm
102 Nm
220 Nm
150 Nm
425 Nm
62263L100L380 Nm425 Nm
  • Packaging machines
  • Machine tools
  • Filling and metering units
  • Labeling machines
  • FFS machines
  • Incremental launches
  • Pick & place robots
  • Robot travel axes
  • Flying saw
  • Processing machines
  • Handling gantries
  • Conveyor belts
  • Feed, pivoting and auxiliary axes
  • Travel axes, additional axes
  • Wood processing centers