Collecting and converting sensor data from frequency inverters and controllers.

DriveRadar® DataCollector automatically collects IIoT-useful device and sensor data (IIoT = Industrial Internet of Things) from Generation B electronic drive systems from SEW-EURODRIVE. The software stores the data on IT target systems and so allows convenient access to this information.

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The DriveRadar® DataCollector software turns all the Generation B electronic drive inverters (control cabinet technology and decentralized technology) into "smart devices" that supply valuable information directly from the application for Condition Monitoring and in-depth system analyses.

In this way, our frequency inverters and controllers detect IIoT device and sensor data, which can then be recorded automatically and saved in the form of JSON files. This includes both scope recordings and also individual parameters.

To allow the device-specific, coded values obtained in this way to be converted into conventional file formats and saved in the end, the conversion tool DriveRadar® DataConverter should also be downloaded and installed in addition to the DataCollector.

DriveRadar® DataCollector and DataConverter – always together as a team

An ideal result can only be achieved by using both the software tools together, as they are coordinated with each other. They should therefore be set up together, either on process-related IT systems on the customer side, on Edge units, or on controllers from SEW-EURODRIVE.

An overview of the functions of the DriveRadar ® DataCollector software:

  • Provision of IIoT device and sensor data (scope data and device parameter data) through automatic or manual recording and saving
  • Automatic parameterization of the device scopes

An overview of the functions of the DriveRadar ® DataConverter software:

  • IloT sensor data coded for specific devices (scope data and device parameter data) from the JSON files generated by the DriveRadar ® DataCollector are converted into directly usable device values
  • Manual or automatic conversion is possible
  • Source and target directories for JSON files can be chosen as required

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