APPredict: predictive and sustainable maintenance for gearmotors and several other components

How to improve the reliability, safety and efficiency of your plants, avoiding any increase in costs? With the APPredict, the new comprehensive software solution to remotely monitor the health of SEW gearmotors and other components such as pumps, fans, compressors and extend their life, while ensuring consistent operating performance.

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APPredict is a web-based application that can be easily accessed via smartphone, tablet and PC, designed to monitor the health of the gearmotor and other components through vibration data and receive real-time and remote support.

APPredict improves the operating life of the gearmotor, until maintenance, without ever risking downtime.

Thanks to the quick and easy installation of wireless sensors directly on the components (both SEW and 3rd party), it's possible to monitor and manage:

  • Vibration data (ISO 10816-1)
    - ISO 10816-1
    - DeMod sampling
    - Kurtosis High – Kurtosis Low
    - RMS High – RMS Low
    - Fourier Transform
  • Temperature of the monitored component
  • Actual oil life with SEW algorithms
  • Notifications via e-mail

APPredict: predictive maintenance for gearmotors,fans, pumps, compressors and bearings. How it works.

APPredict makes the difference in terms of:

  • Machine status
    Check the status of the gear unit at a glance.
  • Predictive maintenance
    Receive the maintenance information (e.g., oil change with alert 1 month in advance in the case of the gear unit) for each component (gear unit, motor, pump, fan, compressor, bearings). Vibrational KPIs determine notification of possible failure typically 1 to 3 months in advance.
  • Trend
    Temperature and vibration values are recorded and stored for up to 2 years on the SEW cloud. Data are exportable in Excel format.
  • Alarms
    Alerts are sent via email to operators configured in the app.
  • Online Support
    Direct access to the Online Support for each monitored component for fast and smooth repair procedures.


Monitoring the health of gearmotors gets simple and smart with the APPredict, with benefits not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of process efficiency: schedule and manage maintenance operations only when there is a real need.

This results in optimized resource utilization, reduced waste, and minimized environmental and staff impacts.

All the benefits:

  • Flexibility, productivity and process optimization
  • Reduced operating costs and unexpected downtime
  • Efficient scheduling of maintenance operations
  • Total operational safety
  • Extended life of components, which are checked only after notification

NEW: APPredict 2.0 is now available!

With APPredict 2.0 you can:

  • view comprehensive dashboards from the main page so you can keep track of the alarm status of all connected plants
  • manage different types of accounts with different privileges
  • view trends with 2 years of data in the cloud so as to observe phenomena such as seasonality of data
  • configure groups/plants that contain lines with individual motors/ components

...and much more!

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Rapidità e flessibilità grazie al SERVICE di SEW

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Rapidità e flessibilità grazie al SERVICE di SEW

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