User working with the planning and engineering tool

What benefits do we offer you in the planning and engineering phase?

Good partners know what suits you best.
This ensures your ideas are turned into tailor-made solutions.

Together, we will transform your ideas, requirements and concepts into customized drive and automation solutions. We achieve this with our experts – who are always close at hand across the whole of Germany. Or simply use our helpful planning and engineering tools from the comfort of your workplace.


SEW‑EURODRIVE employee working on concept development Customer working with the planning and configuration tool SEW‑EURODRIVE staff carrying out engineering services Screenshot – variant management database Energy consulting SEW‑EURODRIVE employee carrying out inspection and maintenance work SEW‑EURODRIVE employee using a model for training purposes

Resources & tools

Image – drive selection on a laptop screen Drive Configurator Screenshot – energy-efficiency tools MOVISAFE® safety technology and safety card Screenshot – planning and configuration tool Screenshot – CDM® Database Screenshot – Safety Configuration Library
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