AR Remote Assistance

Attention and customer proximity are some of the key elements to provide efficient and effective support in any situation. Technological innovation can be guaranteed as a facilitating agent to guarantee the centrality of customer needs in defining valuable assistance services.

From a Customer-Centricity perspective, SEW-EURODRIVE provides the new AR Remote Assistance App, a mobile application for smartphones and tablets that allows you to receive assistance and support in real time and remotely, for application problems and commissioning, with Augmented Reality functionality.

This digital tool is part of the offer of services offered by SEW-EURODRIVE that can revolutionize the management methods of the factory, which constantly aims to meet the needs of companies and the market, acting as a strategic partner to ensure an effective improvement of the performance, both in production and in Service.

Available for Android and iOS, the AR Remote Assistance App allows you to connect two Smart Devices and interact with the screen to highlight, drawing in Augmented Reality, the areas framed by the cameras.

The goal of the SEW-EURODRIVE App is to support customers by exploiting the great usability offered today by smart devices. AR Remote Assistance, in fact, allows you to communicate with a SEW-EURODRIVE Italia technician, either through the integrated hands-free system or via chat, at the same time you share the screen and the camera of your device, facilitating communication and identification of technical problems.

The App offers an innovative object recognition system, with the possibility of interchangeability of the point of view between SEW-EURODRIVE technician and customer; and thanks to the augmented reality technology, it is possible to draw on the environments even in depth, with 3D markers.

Through the recognition of the environments, the app allows the operator to directly intervene on the image "drawing" or "erasing" in augmented reality the interventions to be done or the solutions to be prepared. On the other hand, the customer will see in real time what solutions to implement without having to wait for the on-site intervention of the assistance of a SEW-EURODRIVE specialist.

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How does it work?

  • Download the AR Remote Assistance App on your iOS or Android smartphone
  • Call a SEW-EURODRIVE technician to receive support via the App during commissioning or in the event of technical problems
  • Send to the SEW-EURODRIVE technician the identification code (TOKEN) by e-mail, SMS or messaging application, which you will find at the bottom of the main screen
  • Enter the Room and click on "START" to share your screen with the SEW-EURODRIVE device

Your advantages:

  • Save time and costs

    Thanks to remote support in real time and without the need of an interlocutor in the field
  • More security

    Thanks to the visual support step by step and integrated augmented reality
  • Fast and easy

    The resolution of the problems is drastically reduced, thanks to the intuitiveness of the images
  • Flexibility and efficiency

    SEW-EURODRIVE expertise always at your side

AR Remote Assistance makes it easy to quickly access SEW-EURODRIVE solutions for all your technical needs, in real time and wherever you are.

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