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Repair Service

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Repair Service

Get the best service for repairing and overhauling individual drive components – with our Repair Service. Every one of our service experts is always up to date on the latest drive technology and drive automation. We guarantee this with comprehensive product training. Knowledge that we're happy to pass along to you to keep your system availability and productivity high.

SEW-EURODRIVE Service: fast and efficient support

Technical support and remote assistance have assumed a predominant role, especially for all those particularly strategic Service activities, for which it is necessary to guarantee maximum operating in all circumstances. For this reason, aware of the fundamental importance of the attention and closeness to the customer, SEW-EURODRIVE is committed daily to offering all the essential assistance to maximize the performance and performance of its technological solutions, ensuring a rapid and efficiently, safely and reliably. Here's how our Service team manages any assistance activity with professionalism and precision.

Our Repair Service includes

  • Repair by replacing defective parts or affected parts
  • Complete revision
  • Individual adaptation of the product to specific customer requirements with corresponding (electronic) documentation
  • Damage analysis detected with consultancy
  • Urgent repair on request

Your benefits

  • Reduced repair times

    Thanks to the extremely high and immediate availability of genuine SEW-EURODRIVE parts
  • Repair anywhere

    Come in to our global Drive Technology Centers or have repairs done on site
  • Reduced downtimes

    Thanks to express repairs to get your system up and running again
  • Third-party products, too

    We will repair products from other manufacturers to save you time and money
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Repair Service

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