Building the future together

  • Building the future together

Training means increasing the motivation and professionalism of resources towards a common, shared goal.

With this objective SEW-EURODRIVE invests in three areas:

  • Managerial skills (across the different areas of the company)
  • Technical specialist skills (related to each role)
  • Quality, safety, and work environment skills


SEW-EURODRIVE can count on DriveAcademy®, an internal training school at the German HQ. In addition to training and technical product seminars, it is also involved in managerial development of the organization and its resources.

The Train the Trainer Method

The decision to personally conduct our own training is confirmed by our preferred teaching method Train the trainer. People work in their own positions alongside the SEW-EURODRIVE Trainers and train other co-workers, creating the sharing of interests, styles, and objectives that is the basis of a team's success.

We invest in the future

We invest in the future

Training is also investing in the resources of tomorrow. For this reason SEW-EURODRIVE is very attentive to collaboration and exchanges with schools and universities. Each year we initiate internships, projects, sponsorships and exchanges with local and national institutions. This includes offering students curricular and extra-curricular traineeships, opportunities for thesis projects, and even sponsorship of masters and scholarships.

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