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SEW-EURODRIVE Italy is committed to the development of technological solutions for industrial, logistic and process automation for the main industrial sectors, and to creating a creative, trust-based and empowering environment for people to contribute to the sustainable progress of the social, environmental and economic ecosystem.

A responsibility to the socio-economic context from which SEW-EURODRIVE certainly does not want to withdraw: this responsibility includes compliance with applicable laws, respect for essential ethical values and adherence to the key principles on which our daily actions are based and on which we base our Code of Conduct.

Together for the Italian industrial ecosystem

Protecting the planet, preparing society and transforming economic dynamics are the imperatives for the industry. Transformation is vital to build the path to a sustainable business ecosystem that respects the environment and people.

With this goal and for the evolution of the manufacturing industry in Italy, SEW-EURODRIVE and LUM School of Management, have created the Industrial Innovation Lab: an experimentation laboratory, capable of contributing to the transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, present on the Italian territory, into agile, innovative and sustainable organizations.

With current generations, for future generations

A transformation that includes young people. In this area SEW-EURODRIVE Italia confirms its commitment by offering expert demonstrations and professional training, but also by investing in internship projects with Scholastic Institutes and Universities, while also supporting courses for all professionals at various company levels and orientation paths within its Smart Assembly Plant in Solaro.

In addition to training projects in collaboration with universities and educational institutions, we actively participate in initiatives and projects aimed at supporting the level of social and environmental responsibility.

Master of Science in Innovation and Technology Management

SEW-EURODRIVE is a partner in the Master of Science in Innovation and Technology Management by the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. It is a first-level international master's program that offers students a comprehensive education aimed at stimulating the creation of innovative business models and increasingly high-performing and sustainable solutions.

Girls Code it Better

The Girls Code it Better project constitutes an orientation and training initiative created to bring more and more of the female world closer to technology, in an attempt to break down cultural prejudices about gender diversity. Girls Code it Better involves the establishment in each school of a "club" of female students, engaged in a course of about 4 months: supported by a coach-teacher and a coach-maker, the young students tackle a theme and the development of a project involving the development of a technical area. SEW-EURODRIVE Italia, as a partner, is supporting this scalable project throughout Italy in order to help overcome gender stereotypes and bring girls closer to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects.

Find out more about Girls Code It Better

Skills and knowledge for sustainable transformation

Lean Smart Factory
Solaro's Lean Smart Factory featured in educational visits and tours
Solaro's Lean Smart Factory featured in educational visits and tours

Always future-oriented, open to dialogue and contamination between knowledge and experience, SEW-EURODRIVE Italia maintains its commitment to contributing to the development of new skills by aiming to sanction stable and ongoing agreements with the main professional training institutes in the field of Lean Management, Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory, which ensure that companies keep their skills constantly updated.

Staufen, StudioBase Gibertoni and Festo, in fact, are the realities with which SEW-EURODRIVE creates a series of thematic workshops, short masters and executive tours designed to raise awareness of SEW-EURODRIVE's approach to the topic of factory digitalisation and the implementation of Lean Manufacturing logics within the Smart Factory.

A commitment dedicated to the development of new skills and knowledge that began several decades ago with the establishment in 1989 of the SEW-EURODRIVE Foundation by Edeltraut Blickle, wife of our founder Ernst Blickle. The Foundation, active in the German territory, promotes research, work and development of scientific knowledge in the field of technology and market through the ERNST BLICKLE PRIZE, Thesis Project Awards, scholarships and visiting professorships. In addition, the SEW-EURODRIVE Foundation supports a plurality of institutions and educational institutions with specific donations and grants.

Culture of sustainability outside and inside the company

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For us at SEW-EURODRIVE, sustainability and responsibility towards the socio-economic environment is an individual, even before a corporate, commitment.

This responsibility includes compliance with applicable laws, respect for core ethical values, and adherence to the key principles on which we base our daily actions and on which we base our Code of Conduct.

In addition, aware of the impacts arising from business activities, that climate change is a global threat and that each of us has a key role to play in protecting our planet and future generations, SEW-EURODRIVE also promotes a culture of sustainability through the adoption of an internal Green Policy containing measures aimed at preserving energy resources while ensuring continuous advancement of business results.

With a view to social responsibility directed toward its corporate staff, SEW-EURODRIVE has adopted a Welfare Plan aimed at creating well-being in the company and has increasingly promoted smartworking, introduced as early as 2017 with the aim of contributing to the creation of a corporate culture marked by widespread responsibility and transparency of results: from autonomy to support even remotely, to a focus on both corporate and personal results.

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