MOVI-C® Power and Energy Solutions

It is the goal of any company to increase its energy efficiency and take appropriate measures to reduce the energy consumption of its automation systems without affecting the high degree of availability of processes, production, and machine cells. Ideally, intelligent management of power supply output and energy will increase the availability of systems and machines.

Moving towards the modular factory

Using energy sensibly with Power and Energy Solutions
Using energy sensibly with Power and Energy Solutions
Using energy sensibly with Power and Energy Solutions

Increasing customer and market demands are changing the layout of factories, resulting in more modules, more flexibility, more automation and fewer rigid structures. This means that automation technology and energy management must also take account of these developments with new technologies. When it comes to power supply, we offer you the perfect power supply and energy management system for your Industry 4.0 production line. This enables you to take the measures necessary to make better use of energy in your production operations. At the same time, the energy management system must ensure full transparency and detailed monitoring of power supply data and consumption data.

Using energy sensibly

Factories will have to be more flexible in the future than they are now. Digitalization, single unit batches, changing customer requirements, and flexible production are just some of the conditions that have to be met to achieve this. Another factor that affects the technical design of machines and production facilities is the development of energy costs.

Power and Energy Solutions from SEW-EURODRIVE offer the following advantages:

  • Reduction of power peaks from the grid
    Using storage capacitors in the DC link opens up some of the required peak power from the capacitor.
  • Reduction of energy costs through storage capacitors in the DC link
    The energy used in regenerative operations is stored in the storage capacitor and used again for the next motor operation.
  • Connection to external DC supply systems
    The DC link is connected bidirectionally to external DC supply systems using a DC-DC converter.
  • Uninterrupted system operation in the event of a power failure
    The energy in the storage capacitor serves as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for the system. This energy is used to power the drives, the motor brakes, and the 24 V level (PLC).
  • Performance and energy measurement data for ISO 50001 energy management systems
    The power supply module measures performance data and provides energy meter readings. These can be integrated into ISO 50001 energy management systems.
  • Reduced harmonic load in the supply system
    The power supply module can shift current consumption from the harmonics to the fundamental wave by measuring the line voltage and current and appropriate management of the storage capacitors.

With SEW‑EURODRIVE, you also get the components for your Power and Energy Solutions as a modular system from a single source – MOVI‑C® CONTROLLER, MOVIDRIVE®, a compact multi-axis system consisting of power supply modules, capacitor modules, and single-axis or double-axis modules, optimized with switched-mode power supply modules with AC and DC supplies, and the appropriate capacitor module – and you're good to go.


Direct mode


  • The power supply module can be operated within an input voltage range of 3× AC 200 V to 500 V. The DC link voltage can be set independently of the input voltage.
  • This makes it possible to temporarily operate drives up to a higher speed.

Energy mode


  • Reduction of power peaks from the grid
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Suitable for large energy volumes
  • Power fail-safe covering outages lasting several minutes

Power mode


  • Reduction of power peaks from the grid
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Suitable for high power ratings
  • Power fail-safe covering outages lasting seconds or even minutes

Flex mode

Flex mode is the combination of Power mode and Energy mode and has the advantages of both types. It is suitable for Factory Automation applications.


  • Reduction of power peaks from the grid
  • Suitable for high power ratings and large energy volumes
  • Power fail-safe covering outages lasting several minutes

Application example

SEW image

The goods are lifted or lowered automatically between two transportation levels at a lifting station.


Power and Energy Solutions, MOVIDRIVE® modular is used in power mode.


  • The peak power output during upward acceleration was reduced by a factor of 15.
  • Energy costs were reduced to 60% of those incurred while operating with a braking resistor.
  • In the event of a power failure, the downward movement is completed using the energy in the storage capacitor. The upward movement is brought to a halt in a controlled manner. Only at this point is the brake applied.
  • The power and energy modules provide the ISO50001 energy management system with measured values that both visualize system consumption and use comparisons and reference cycles to identify deviations indicative of wear or stiffness.

Power and Energy Solutions with MOVIDRIVE® modular inverter technology

Power supply module with controlled DC link voltage

SEW image
  • Nominal line voltage: 3× AC 200 – 500 V
  • Controlled DC link voltage: DC 0 – 800 V
  • Nominal power: 25 kW
  • Overload capacity: 160%
  • Option for parallel connection

Switched-mode power supply module with AC and DC supply (in prepearation)

SEW image

Capacitor module

SEW image

External capacitors

SEW image
Energy Storage System
Energy Storage System

Depending on the application and the energy required, the control cabinet housing containing the super capacitors can be customized in the ESS-R2 and ESS-R3 versions. Both versions can accommodate 6, 7 or 8 super capacitors.

Discharge unit

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In order to optimize maintenance operations, thus limiting the impact on the environment and staff, a discharge unit has been developed that significantly reduces the discharge time of the energy storage unit and so permits faster access to the system.

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