MOVITRANS® line – contactless long-distance energy transfer system

If you need to bridge long distances quickly and flexibly without long conveyor belts, mobile materials handling technology is a must. If you also want to avoid cumbersome, high-maintenance cable carrier / conductor rail systems or fixed floor installations and instead benefit from freedom and flexibility in your energy transfer project management, our MOVITRANS® line solution is ideal.

Flexible energy transfer planning and project management

MOVITRANS® line – this is how contactless energy transfer works!
MOVITRANS® line – this is how contactless energy transfer works!
MOVITRANS® line – this is how contactless energy transfer works!

MOVITRANS® line ensures perfect energy transfer, even over long distances. It is a contactless, quiet, wear-free and low-maintenance system. No room for a control cabinet? With MOVITRANS® line, you also save time and space.

How do we achieve this? It's simple! With MOVITRANS® line, the power socket rides along, as it were. Energy is transferred contactlessly through an air gap, which enables a completely wear-free, low-maintenance electromagnetic connection. This contactless energy supply also makes it possible to achieve high speeds of over 10 m/s.

MOVITRANS® technology from SEW‑EURODRIVE works on the principle of inductive power supply. Electrical energy is transferred continuously along the route via a line cable that benefits from incredibly simple, flexible installation and is easy to reposition if you subsequently want to modify or add to it. This makes complex, cumbersome and high-maintenance systems consisting of cable carriers, conductor rails and fixed floor installations a thing of the past.

MOVITRANS® line gets you moving

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  • Stationary components Stationary components
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Comprehensive and unit-independent solution

  • The technology is based on the principle of inductive energy transfer.
  • Electrical energy is transferred continuously along the route via a line cable that benefits from flexible installation.
  • When using the new system with a wedge-shaped cable design, there is no need for time-consuming concrete sawing work or grouting of the grooves.
  • The electromagnetic connection takes place through an air gap – a low-maintenance and wear-free process.
  • Contactless energy transfer is emission-free and resistant to contamination from external sources.
  • The simple operating principle offers significant practical benefits in system operation.
  • Complex, cumbersome cable carrier and conductor rail systems and fixed floor installations are a thing of the past.

Safe disconnection

Safe disconnection of the power supply

To prevent people from being affected by invisible electromagnetic fields, our MOVITRANS® technology benefits from the unique "SAFS" safety function. This abbreviation stands for Safe AC Field Stop (AC = alternating current). This can be used advantageously, for example, when the line cable is not in use or for vehicle maintenance purposes.

SAFS ensures the magnetic field is safely deactivated if there is no mobile vehicle for loading on the route or if it is not currently in use. The SAFS function complies with ISO 13849 performance level d (PL d) and the IEC 61800-5-2 standard for drive systems.

Areas of application

Perfect for flexible materials handling – in all kinds of sectors:

  • Floor conveyor systems
  • Electrified monorail systems (EMS)
  • Hoists or shuttles
  • Mobile systems
  • Pallet transfer shuttles
  • Storage and retrieval systems
  • Skillets with elevating tables
  • Conveying systems in logistics centers

Stationary components

System frequency 25 kHz or 50 kHz

TES31A decentralized supply unit

TES31A decentralized supply unit

  • No control cabinet required
  • System frequency 25 kHz:
    Power: 8 kW – 16 kW (up to 45 kW in parallel connection)
  • System frequency 50 kHz:
    Power: 8 kW – 14 kW (up to 28 kW in parallel connection)
  • Line voltage U: 380 V – 500 V +- 10%
  • Degree of protection: IP54
  • All unit connections for inputs and outputs are designed as plug connectors
TCS31A compensation box

TCS31A compensation box

  • Fine adjustment of track inductance with intuitive software support
  • Degree of protection: IP65
Wedge-shaped cable

TLS wedge-shaped cable

  • Can be installed in the floor or on top of it
  • Line cable with a specific wedge-shaped design, suitable for currents of up to 60 A
  • Cross section: 3 × 3 mm2 up to 60 A
  • The wedge-shaped cable is pressed into the sawn recesses along the route.
Round cable

TLS round cable

  • Medium-frequency cable with double cable jacket for floor routing
  • Cross section:
    • 2 x 8 mm2 up to 60 A
    • 25 mm2 up to 60 A or up to 85 A
    • 41 mm2 for 85 A
  • Round cables are placed in grooves and sealed with a potting compound.

Mobile components

THM90E pick-up

TDM90E pick-up

  • With direct voltage output and energy storage unit
  • 1.4 kW / 350 V DC
  • Series and parallel connection possible
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Also suitable for outdoor use down to -25 °C
EKV energy storage unit (MOVI‑DPS® energy and peak load storage solutions)

MOVI‑DPS® (Drive Power Solution) EKV energy storage unit

  • Storage unit
  • Energy storage or peak load buffering using double-layer capacitors
  • Fast and direct energy intake and energy release
  • High number of charging cycles possible
  • Storage modules with 100-F or 350-F cells can be connected.
  • Additional signal cable can be connected to monitor storage voltage and temperature.
THM10E flat pick-up

THM10E flat pick-up

  • Power: 1.5 kW
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Also suitable for outdoor use down to -25 °C
THM10C U-shaped pick-up

THM10C U-shaped pick-up

  • Nominal power: 0.8 kW
  • Peak power: 0.9 kW
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Also suitable for use down to 0 °C
TPM12B mobile converter

TPM12B mobile converter

  • Nominal output power:
    • When four THM10C units are connected: max. 3.6 kW
    • When two THM10E units are connected: max. 3.0 kW
  • Output voltage: 500 V DC
  • Additional output voltage: 24 V, max. 2 A
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Also suitable for outdoor use down to -25 °C

Certifications, conformity

For all MOVITRANS® line components listed:

  • CE (Europe)
  • EAC (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russia)
  • UL approval (USA and Canada)
  • UKCA (Great Britain)

Cut costs – for investments, startup and operation

All in all, the MOVITRANS® line contactless power supply system is the ideal choice if you are looking to keep costs down and boost productivity. One key consideration is that our engineering software makes the startup and use of contactless MOVITRANS® technology extremely straightforward.

The benefits for you

  • Flexible routing

    This is possible thanks to an innovative system with a wedge-shaped cable design that is easy to adapt without much effort, whenever required.
  • Easy adaptation

    With its modular system, MOVITRANS® line can be easily adapted to modifications and changing system tasks.
  • Increased productivity

    MOVITRANS® line combines maximum system reliability with wear-free and low-maintenance operation.
  • Reduced investment costs

    Existing components can be put to versatile use and adapt to the system layout.
  • Lower operating costs and higher energy efficiency

    MOVITRANS® line is easy to use, minimizes maintenance outlay in the long term and is highly efficient thanks to the latest component technologies.

System features

MOVITRANS® line is made up of both stationary and mobile system components. These can be integrated into existing automation systems quickly and easily. The nominal air gap between line cable and pick-up is 20 mm. This enables high transmission power even in situations where the pick-up is not always at a constant distance above the line cable.

Overview of technology:

SEW image 1

  • Compact, robust aluminum housing
  • Can be mounted directly on the travel section
  • All connection cables pluggable
  • Maximum efficiency even in the partial load range
  • Parallel operation for higher electrical power per track
  • Software support during startup and system operation


  • Software-based fine compensation of track inductance thanks to simple selection of capacity using jumper inserts
  • Robust aluminum housing
  • Direct mounting in the vicinity of the TES supply unit


  • Open installation: Recesses are sawn into the floor along the route and the wedge cable is pressed into the recess.
  • Installation with potting: The round cables are placed in grooves along the route and these grooves are sealed with a potting compound.


MOVI‑DPS® (Drive Power Solution) EKV energy storage unit

  • Connected in parallel to the output of the TDM pick-up
  • Optimum peak load coverage for the selected application


  • The pick-up controls its output current and thus the storage voltage.
  • An EKV energy storage unit is required at the output of the pick-up.
  • The energy storage unit takes over the peak power and stores regenerative energy. It also serves as an energy buffer if contactless energy transfer is interrupted.


  1. 1
    Stationary: TES31A decentralized supply unit
  2. 2
    Stationary: TCS31A compensation box
  3. 3
    Stationary: TLS round or wedge-shaped cable
  4. 4
    Mobile: EKV energy storage unit
  5. 5
    Mobile: TDM90E pick-up

Udo Marmann, Market Manager Drive Electronics, Decentralized Technology and Mechatronics:

"Our decentralized energy storage system for MOVITRANS® line makes it possible to adapt and retrofit intralogistics tasks in line with the requirements at any time. The new Safe AC Field Stop functional safety function, or SAFS, can be combined with safety-oriented controllers and sensors and is therefore ideal for optimum operation in industrial systems. SEW‑EURODRIVE offers its customers further components for end-to-end drive system solutions all the way to turnkey factory automation."

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