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PxG®CM3C.. planetary servo gearmotors in a compact mounting

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Simply complete – simply compact

PxG®CM3C.. series planetary servo gearmotors
PxG® planetary servo gear units

Simply complete: Look no further for the perfect motor for your gear unit. With our PxG®CM3C.. planetary servo gearmotors we offer you a straightforward complete drive solution, perfectly coordinated, with everything from a single source.

Simply compact: With the positive interface, we enable the particularly simple mounting of the PxG® planetary servo gear units to the synchronous servomotors of the CM3C.. series by means of a compact and separable interface. This positive interface between motor and gear unit results in a short overall length and enables simple, dry and oil-tight assembly or disassembly.

Our PxG®CM3C.. series planetary servo gearmotors offer a high degree of dynamics and performance in confined spaces and combine in a compact design our PxG® planetary servo gear unit with the CM3C.. synchronous servomotors. The particularly short overall length has been achieved through various optimizations to the motors and gear unit. The PxG®CM3C.. gearmotor thus not only benefits from its shortened overall length, but also from maximum efficiency and high effectiveness. This is achieved in the manufacture of the servomotors by using the latest winding and magnet technologies in connection with the high-performance materials used. This means that the requirements for efficiency class IE5 are even exceeded, in some cases significantly.

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PxG®CM3C.. series planetary servo gearmotors in a compact mounting


PxG®CM3C.. series planetary servo gearmotor
PxG®CM3C.. series planetary servo gearmotor in a compact attachment

Dynamic and energy-efficient: CM3C.. series servomotors:

  • 4 motor sizes BG63, BG71, BG80 and BG100
  • 3 lengths S, M, L in the compact design
  • up to 4 speed classes: 2000 min-1, 3000 min-1, 4500 min-1, 6000 min-1
  • Compact and powerful thanks to the latest magnet and winding technology
  • Almost no pole detent noticeable
  • Condition monitoring and extensive possibilities for fault diagnostics with the MOVILINK® DDI digital motor interface
  • Optimized operation on MOVIDRIVE®inverters from the MOVI-C® modular automation system
  • Options:
    • Forced cooling fan for better thermal capacity utilization of the motor
    • Terminal box
    • Safety-rated design with brake and encoder
    • All standard approvals (UL, CSA, EAC, UA.TR, UKCA and CMIM)
  • Compatible non-SEW-EURODRIVE encoder systems:
    • DRIVE‑CLiQ from Siemens for operation using standard Siemens Sinumerik and Sinamics controllers
    • EnDat2.2 from HEIDENHAIN
    • HIPERFACE® DSL from SICK Stegmann

Motor details — find out more: CM3C.. series synchronous servomotors

Precision and flexibility: PxG® planetary servo gear units:

  • Optimum adaptation to your application thanks to a wide-ranging modular system
  • Simple integration into existing systems due to geometrical compatibility with the market standard
  • High torque alongside a short design
  • Guaranteed long service life for all elements in the product: bearings, gearing, lubricants and sealing elements


  • Increased corrosion protection CP1
  • Rotational clearance down to < 1 arcmin
  • Food-grade lubricant
  • Stainless steel output shafts

Gear unit details — find out more: PxG® planetary servo gear units®

Gear motor combinatorics

Gear motors — simply complete

Close table
      CM3C.. motor with MD.. adapter
Gear unit Gear unit stages



P..G2 1 X      
P..G3 1 X X    
2 X      
P..G4 1 X X X X
2 X X    
3 X      
P..G5 1     X X
2 X X X X
P..G6 1        
2   X X  
P..G7 1        
2       X
We have stored a table for you here.

Areas of application

  • Heavy-duty gantries
  • Cartesian robots
  • Palletizers
  • Deep drawing and forming machines
  • Dynamic removal and loading units
  • Machine tools
  • Hoist applications
  • Materials handling technology with heavy external loads

Your benefits

  • Space-saving

    gearmotors, thanks to their short design; yet they still offer up to 20% more power density than comparable options on the market
  • Safe

    torque and speed transmission thanks to continuous form fit
  • Simple

    and quick assembly / disassembly of the gear unit or motor thanks to the innovative interface
  • Durable

    gearmotors, as the optimizations to the motor and gear unit reduce thermal losses.
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More about PxG®
With the scalable modular system, the PxG® planetary servo gear units offer decisive added value for every requirement.
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With the scalable modular system, the PxG® planetary servo gear units offer decisive added value for every requirement.

Flexible configuration, high torque, compact design

Thanks to their scalable modular concept, the PxG® planetary servo gear units offer clear added value for every requirement.

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