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Your benefits

Perfect combination
thanks to the perfectly compatible components for the drive solution.

Increase process reliability
thanks to the integrated speed monitoring.

Rapid availability
thanks to the component warehouse and our modular concept for industrial gear units.

Comprehensive equipment
thanks to a range of additional options, depending on your wishes and requirements.

Powerful drive solution for bucket elevators

Bucket elevators are conveyor systems that transport large quantities of bulk material vertically upwards. This requires high drive power that depends on the bucket's capacity and the relevant conveyor height.

It means that all the system components must be able to deal with the harsh and difficult operating conditions. A high level of reliability and availability of the components is also important in order to keep idling times to a minimum.

Tailored to bucket elevators: SEW-EURODRIVE industrial gear unit solution

Our robust and high-torque drive solutions impressively meet the demanding requirements for bucket elevators:

  • Our bucket elevator drives are durable power packages with a wide gear ratio and high torques thanks to our X series bevel-helical gear unit.
  • The standardized application solutions mean that you benefit from rapid availability due to the modular design provided by SEW-EURODRIVE.
  • Take advantage of our global installation and service network for industrial gear units and increase your process reliability.
  • Combine a customized drive solution with the benefit of increased availability - regardless of whether your activities relate to the construction industry, the raw materials industry or the chemical industry.
Auxiliary drive for slow movements

In some instances the bucket elevator is only allowed to operate at a reduced speed, such as during maintenance. That's why our bucket elevator drive has a directly mounted auxiliary drive from our modular system. It ensures that the necessary slow movement is provided when the main motor is shut down.

This auxiliary drive is available in the "empty bucket" or "full bucket" designs. All the components in our application solution are perfectly adapted to the relevant application.

Contact form Worldwide locations 3-stage X series bevel-helical gear unit
  • Extremely robust gear unit housing
  • Reduced costs and weight due to high power density and finely stepped sizes
  • Effective integrated cooling system
  • CCW and CW designs may be implemented in a single gear unit version
  • Flexible mounting capability
  • Efficient project planning tools
More on the X series industrial gear units
Components are customized to the relevant application
  • Auxiliary drive from our modular concept for gearmotors
  • Auxiliary drive adapter with overrunning clutch and incremental encoder
  • Mounted backstop
  • Radial labyrinth seal on input and output shafts
Gear ratios and torques

Gear unit type


Gear ratio

Nominal torque MN2

X3K.B... bevel-helical gear units:


28 – 80

6.8 – 270
Applications for our bucket elevator drives
  • Bulk materials handling technology
  • Materials handling systems in the construction, raw materials and chemical industries