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Your benefits

Intuitive operation
thanks to the integrated control plate and 7-segment display.

Global use
as various designs are available for the common supply systems: 1-phase / 220 V to 3-phase / 600 V.

Flexible motor applications
thanks to modern control modes for asynchronous and synchronous motors, without encoder or with HTL/TTL encoder.

An economic investment
EMC filter fitted as standard in the 230 V and 400 V units.

Integrated safety
thanks to the STO (Safe Torque Off) safety function.

MOVITRAC® LTE B+ basic inverters in IP20 MOVITRAC® B standard inverter
Frequency inverters that make your life easier!

Connect, choose your motor, perform the automatic calibration and your application will just run and run. Designed and developed for open-loop speed control of synchronous and asynchronous motors, the MOVITRAC® LTP-B with IP20 housing is available with up to 15 kW of power. This allows you to complete your tasks in conveyor applications, hoists, fans and pumps with a high level of energy efficiency – even without an encoder.

Why make it complicated when it could be so easy? That’s what we were thinking when we designed the range of functions and the operational principle for our MOVITRAC® LTP-B series. The result? Compact functionality and an integrated control plate that makes handling easy for you. Reduce your energy costs, not your power! Thanks to the energy saving function in the partial load range and when idling.

And thanks to the STO (Safe Torque Off) safety function, these frequency inverters are not just safe and compact – they are also economical and efficient.

If you require frequency inverters for wall mounting just order the design with a high degree of protection.

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  • Operation of asynchronous and synchronous motors
  • Keypad for easy startup
  • Integrated EMC filter for 230 V and 400 V
  • "Safe Torque Off" safety function (STO) according to EN ISO 13849-1 PL d
  • Integrated PID controller, energy-saving function
  • Overload capacity up to 175%
  • Motor control modes: V/f, VFC, VFC-torque
  • Power range:
    • MC LTP-B in IP66 (NEMA 4X): 0.75 – 11 kW
    • MC LTP-B in IP20 (NEMA 1): 0.75 – 15 kW
    • MC LTP-B in IP55 (NEMA 12K): 11 – 250 kW
  • Line voltages:
    • 1 × 230 V, 3 × 230 V
    • 3 × 400 V
    • 3 × 575 V
  • Interfaces (I/O)
    • Digital I/Os: max. 5 DI + 2 DO
    • Analog I/Os: max. 2 AI + 2 AO
  • Relay contacts: 2
  • Fieldbus connection
  • Direct connection: SBus, CANopen, Modbus RTU
  • Option card: PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IPTM, Modbus TCP, DeviceNetTM, BACnet
  • Gateway: SEW DFx (up to 8 inverters)
MOVITRAC® LTP-B standard inverter in IP20
LT BG-CIntegrated control plate for intuitive operation
LT BP-CParameter module for data transmission/backup
USB11AInterface adapter
DFx../UOH..Fieldbus connection via SEW-EURODRIVE gateway
BWBraking resistor
ND..Line choke
HD..Output choke

Connection voltage VAC: 1 x 220 – 240

Line frequency (Hz): 50 – 60 ± 5%

MOVITRAC® LTP-B typePower range
Nominal output current
W x H x D
0008-2B1-4-000.754.32110 x 200 x 185

Connection voltage VAC: 3 x 220 – 240

Line frequency (Hz): 50 – 60 ± 5%

MOVITRAC® LTP-B typePower range
Nominal output current
W x H x D
0008-2A3-4-000.754.32110 x 200 x 185
0030-2A3-4-003143132 x 261 x 205

Connection voltage VAC: 3 x 380 – 480

Line frequency (Hz): 50 – 60 ± 5%

MOVITRAC® LTP-B typePower range
Nominal output current
W x H x D
0008-5A3-1-000.752.22110 x 200 x 185
0055-5A3-4-005.5143132 x 261 x 205

Connection voltage VAC: 3 x 500 – 600

Line frequency (Hz): 50 – 60 ± 5%

MOVITRAC® LTP-B typePower range
Nominal output current
W x H x D
110 x 200 x 185
0075-603-4-007.512.03132 x 261 x 205

The adapted range of functions of the MOVITRAC® LTP-B guarantees optimum energy efficiency, even for simple applications.

Energy efficiency functions
Process adaptationfor infinitely variable speed and torque control for adaptation to the actual requirements
Energy saving functionfor operation in the partial load range and dynamic adaptation of the motor efficiency

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The MOVITRAC® LTP-B standard inverters in IP20 come with the “Safe Torque Off” (STO) safety function in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 PL d and EN 61508 (1-7) SIL 2.

safetyDRIVE is our contribution to the safety of your machinery and systems. We offer not only functionally safe drive technology, but also various safety services. safetyDRIVE not only helps you to prevent accidents, but also reduces costs in safety zones and increases productivity.

You can find out more about safetyDRIVE and the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC here.

  • Conveyor applications
  • Cranes and hoists
  • Blowers/fans (HVAC)
  • Pumps (HVAC)
  • High-powered saws