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The benefits for you

Addition of safe I/O modules and further non-safe function modules to the portfolio, which are operated via the same coupler.

Easy to install and service thanks to simple and fast assembly by means of a safe sliding mechanism.

Space-saving, staircase-shaped wiring level with spring-loaded clamping technology.

With additional supply modules - up to 64 modules possible on the backplane bus.

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The right tool for the perfect solution

In conjunction with the new MOVI‑C® CONTROLLER portfolio, interaction between the product portfolio of SEW‑EURODRIVE and external field units is optimized. Take advantage of the wide range of function modules and their combination options. Simply integrate them into the EtherCAT® bus of the controller via the bus coupler and use the full functionality in daily practice: For example, read in binary as well as analog signals or SSI encoder signals, or obtain data from counter or measuring modules, e.g. energy consumption.

Suitable I/O modules are also available for Safety over EtherCAT® for the special requirements in functionally safe areas.

Digital 16-way I/O modules round off the MOVI-PLC® portfolio

Digital modules with 16 input and output channels enable a compact and space-saving design of your system. The modules have an easy-to-install wiring level with spring-loaded terminal technology.

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Properties and technical data

A module unit is made up of a terminal module and an electronics module. These are connected using a secure sliding and locking mechanism. The terminal module combines clamps, a fixture for the electronics module and the backplane bus connector. This means only the electronics module is replaced during servicing, by simply pulling it out of the terminal module. The wiring and mounting on the 35 mm DIN profile rail remain as they are. The electronics modules can be supplied with voltage and/or divided into separate potential groups by using additional supply modules.

The stepped arrangement of terminals on the terminal module using proven spring-clamp technology with highly reliable contacting enables fast, clear and safe wiring. The integrated status LEDs and the labeling strip on the front of the electronics modules ensure unique, channel-specific assignment and clear display of the channel status. The backplane bus concept with a speed of 48 Mbit/s also makes for very short response times.

In addition, a high system density can be achieved through digital input and output modules with up to 16 channels.

Areas of application of the I/O modules

Our I/O modules can be used whenever you are looking to integrate actuators, sensors or other field units into your automation network.

Assignment to above imageExamples of applicationsDesignationPossible field bus units / technologies
1Presence monitoring / reference initiators
(binary signals)
Optoelectronic sensors, ultrasound sensors, inductive/capacitive sensors, laser light sensors, print mark sensors, light columns and fluid sensors
2Height monitoring / distance measuring
(analog signals)
Optoelectronic distance measuring devices, ultrasound sensors and inertial sensors
3Evaluating encoder signals
(counter modules / SSI module)
Rotary encoders and encoders
4Load cell / strain gaugeOSM11CStrain gauge
5Serial interfacesORS11CLaser light sensors, optoelectronic distance measuring devices, optical identification sensors and RFID
6Temperature measurementOAI45CPt100, Pt1000, Ni100 and Ni1000 temperature sensors
7Energy measurementOEM12CThree-phase grids
8Hazardous point protection with hand and presence detection / functional safetyOFI41C
Safety light grid, safety scanner, safety switch, safety locking device and emergency stop


EtherCAT® and CANopen interface modules are available for data exchange when using this solution. The I/O modules are equipped with a power supply module and support up to 64 electronics modules on the backplane bus.


  • CE (European Economic Area)
  • RoHS (China)
  • cULus (USA, Canada)
  • UKCA (United Kingdom)
  • WEEE (European Economic Area)

Bus coupler

ModuleDescriptionPropertiesData sheet
OCE12CBus coupler
  • EtherCat® (SBusPLUS) bus coupler
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OCC11CBus coupler
  • CAN (SBus) bus coupler
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Digital input and output modules

ModuleDescriptionPropertiesData sheet
NEW: ODI161CDigital input module
  • 16 × DI
  • DC 20.4 –28.8 V
  • 2.3 mA
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NEW: ODO161CDigital input module
  • 16 × DO
  • DC 20.4 –28.8 V
  • 0.5 A
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ODI24CDigital input module
  • 2 × DI
  • DC 24 V
  • Input filter time delay parameterizable (2 μs – 3 ms)
  • ETS function with µs time stamp
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ODI42CDigital input module
  • 4 × DI (fast)
  • DC 24 V
  • Input filter time delay parameterizable (2 μs – 4 ms)
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ODI43CDigital input module
  • 4 × DI
  • DC 24 V
  • 2/3-wire connection
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ODI81CDigital input module
  • 8 × DI
  • DC 24 V
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ODO21CDigital output module
  • 2 × DO
  • DC 30 V
  • AC 230 V
  • 3 A
  • Electrically isolated for each channel
  • Relay
To data sheet
ODO41CDigital output module
  • 4 × DO
  • DC 24 V
  • 2 A
To data sheet
ODO81CDigital output module
  • 8 × DO
  • DC 24 V
  • 0.5 A
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ODO82CDigital output module
  • 8 × DO
  • DC 24 V
  • 0.5 A
  • NPN
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Analog input and output modules

ModuleDescriptionPropertiesData sheet
OAI42CAnalog input module
  • 4 × AI
  • 16 bit
  • Current 0(4) – 20 mA
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OAI41CAnalog input module
  • 4 × AI
  • 16 bit
  • Voltage -10 V – +10 V
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OAI44CAnalog input module
  • 2 × AI
  • 16 bit
  • Voltage -80 mV – +80 mV
  • TC type J, K, N, R, S, T, B, C, E, L
  • Reduced parameter bytes
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OAI45CAnalog input module
  • 4 × AI
  • 16 bit
  • Resistance 0 – 3000 ohms
  • 2-, 3- and 4-wire resistance measurement
  • Pt100, Pt1000, NI100 and NI1000 resistance temperature transmitters
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OAO42CAnalog output module
  • 4 × AO
  • 12 bit
  • Current 0(4) – 20 mA
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OAO41CAnalog output module
  • 4 × AO
  • 16 bit
  • Voltage -10 V – +10 V
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Safety modules

  • FSoE I/O modules with 4 safe inputs and outputs each
  • for evaluation and logical linkingconnect the modules to a safety controller via the bus coupler
ModuleDescriptionPropertiesData sheet
OFI41CSafe digital input
  • 4 × SDI
  • DC 24 V
  • 0.5 A
  • Safety
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OFO41CSafe digital output
  • 4 × SDO
  • DC 24 V
  • 0.5 A
  • Safety
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Function modules

ModuleDescriptionPropertiesData sheet
NEW: OSS21CStepper motor terminal
  • Encoder interface 5V/TTL
  • DC 48 V, 5 A
  • 3 digital inputs, 1 digital output
  • Communication via OCE12C bus coupler
OSM11CStrain gauge analog input
  • Direct connection of a full resistance bridge (strain gauge) or load cell
  • 4- or 6-wire connection
  • 16 (24)-bit resolution
  • Absolute accuracy basic error ± 0.1% (± 0.01%)
  • 2V5, 5 V, 7V5, 10 V and 12 V onboard power supply
To data sheet
OSM12CSSI module
  • SSI encoder, master or slave operation
  • Encoder frequency 125 kHz – 2 MHz
  • µs time stamp function
  • Alarm function
  • Diagnostic function
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OSM13CCounter module
  • 1 × counter 32 bit (AB), DC 24 V
  • Up to 400 kHz
  • 1 × DO, DC 24 V for comparison function
  • 0.5 A
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OSM14CCounter module
  • 1 × counter 32 bit (AB), DC 5 V
  • Up to 2 MHz (differential signal)
  • Comparison function
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OEM12CEnergy measurement module
  • AI 1 × 3 Ph, 230 / 400 V
  • 3-phase and N conductor
  • Current range 1 A (can be extended using current transformer)
  • Remanent storage of energy values; diagnostic function
  • 24-bit resolution for measured value
  • Available measured variables: Voltage, current, electrical power, electrical work, harmonics, phase shift cos φ and frequency
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ORS11CRS422/485 interface
  • RS422/485 interface
  • ASCII, STX/ETX, 3964(R) and Modbus RTU (master, slave) protocols
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Modules for power supply, distribution and accessories

ModuleDescriptionPropertiesData sheet
OPV81CPotential distributor
  • 8 × DC 24 V terminals
To data sheet
OPV82CPotential distributor
  • 8 × DC 0 V terminals
To data sheet
OPV41CPotential distributor
  • 4 × DC 24 V terminals
    4 × DC 0 V terminals
To data sheet
OPM11CPower supply module
  • Input voltage DC 24 V
  • 10 A
  • Polarity reversal protection
  • Overvoltage protection
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OZB11CBus cover
  • 1 piece
To data sheet
OZS11CShield bus carrier
  • 10 pieces
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