Environmental sustainability

Green Policy - Sustainable development 2030

SEW-EURODRIVE, the leading international group in the field of industrial, logistics and process automation, wants to take an active role in creating a sustainable future, contributing to the evolution of the social and economic system and at the same time protecting the environment.

By pursuing objectives to improve working conditions and social balance, and introducing measures that can both preserve energy resources and ensure continuous progress in the results of its business, SEW-EURODRIVE intends to found its own action to protect the ecosystem also for future generations.

The company thus undertakes in practice to achieve specific objectives by 2025 and 2030, with multiple initiatives that concern different areas, mainly company cars, the reuse of materials, the reduction of the use of unsustainable materials, the building efficiency and zero-impact management of events.

To this end, identifying seven of all the objectives expressed by the United Nations Global Compact for the protection of the environment, SEW-EURODRIVE has drawn up a Green Policy, a strategic document whose aim is to outline the actions and initiatives that The company intends to implement to develop the culture of sustainability and contribute to their achievement.

Transformation on-the-fly

Company cars

SEW-EURODRIVE uses cars for its employees within the limits of CO2 emissions indicated in the planning documents and in any case not exceeding the thresholds defined by national regulations to identify cars subject to additional taxation (currently equal to 160 g / Km).

The company also favors the use of public transport, in place of the car, to achieve the set destination. In this logic, the performance of pick-ups at airports, railway stations or other points of arrival is also not envisaged if it is possible to use public transport to reach and / or approach the destination.

Circular Economy

SEW-EURODRIVE includes among the selection parameters of the main company suppliers factors related to the sustainability of the activity carried out, such as environmental certifications, proposal of products made using recycled materials.

The company also reduces the sources of production of waste of any nature generated by the business, disposing of non-recyclable ones in compliance with the legislation, and implementing the separate collection of all the rest, to reduce the use of plastic at the same time. inside the offices (by discouraging the use of disposable containers) and finally the use of paper in company activities by replacing the use of "virgin" paper with recycled paper when elimination is not possible.

Building and their equipment

SEW-EURODRIVE wants to improve the energy efficiency of the premises where the business is carried out, if new buildings or renovations of existing ones occur.

In the presence of the construction of new buildings or the renovation of existing ones, it also uses only low-consumption lamps with the lowest usable power in compliance with the lighting design and to use low-energy machinery, equipment and work tools characterized by a lower environmental impact throughout the life cycle, including their ability to start recycling / reuse at the end of their useful life.

The heating systems, both for heating and cooling, are used with a view to containing energy consumption. Therefore the temperatures set in the premises where the business is carried out must comply with national regulations.

Event Organization

In the organization of events, SEW-EURODRIVE follows specific rules aimed at: reducing travel to a minimum by favoring the use of replacement technologies (videoconferencing, Webex, etc.) or by promoting (where possible) the use of public transport or means of transport. collective transport; opt for sites / buildings with high energy efficiency and / or powered by renewable energy sources; to privilege the use of reusable or made of certified, recycled or recyclable materials, supports and gadgets; use washable dishes and glasses or, alternatively, products made of biodegradable or compostable material.

Finally, the company favors the choice of catering companies that have adopted an environmental management system and follow a sustainable approach in the selection of products, packaging and waste management and in the use of vehicles with low environmental impact.

Sustainable Technologies

As a manufacturer of industrial automation technologies and solutions, SEW-EURODRIVE is constantly committed to developing and using technological systems that can guarantee a reduction in electricity consumption or, when it is not possible to reduce it, make it more efficient and optimize energy consumption . An example is the PE-S, the Power and Energy Solutions system, which allows not only to optimize electricity consumption, but also to regenerate energy to be used to eliminate peaks and make up for any inefficiencies in the corporate electricity grid. All in compact dimensions and with connectivity that allows simple integration even with systems already present in the factory. The result? A reduction in electricity consumption of up to 30% and the reduction of CO2 emissions by about half.


SEW-EURODRIVE has been engaged for several years in creating a culture of sustainability, in order to create a context aimed at preserving present and future generations as well as the environment. For this reason, the company has decided to promote smartworking more and more: working from home not only allows the individual employee to reconcile work-family, but at the same time contributes to the reduction of C02 emissions.

Social sustainability

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Corporate social responsibility

On the relational front, there are many initiatives with schools, associations and universities that invest in social sustainability, the reduction of gender discrimination and mutual respect, as well as the value of technologies to improve the quality of life: among the various actions, the SEW-EURODRIVE partnership with the Girls Code It Better project of the MAW Officina Futuro Foundation or the support for the SI Project of the Cariplo Foundation.

In addition, there are currently 9 partnerships with various training institutions: Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan Bicocca University, Federico II University of Naples, STAUFEN.Italia, Sole24Ore Business School, Studio Base Gibertoni, Polytechnic of Milan, LIUC Università Cattaneo and Festo Academy.

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Ethical code

SEW-EURODRIVE bases its action following an ethical code which entails a social responsibility towards its employees, customers, suppliers and the community. This responsibility includes:

- Compliance with applicable laws

- Respect for essential ethical values: transparency, flexibility, ethics and collaboration

- Adherence to the key principles of SEW-EURODRIVE

Any incorrect behavior, contrary to the Code of Ethics, can damage SEW-EURODRIVE and is therefore not tolerated. This is a duty due not only to managers, but rather to every single figure within the company, from the managerial level to the employees. Everyone must be aware of their responsibilities and behave accordingly in their daily activities.

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SEW-EURODRIVE has launched a Welfare plan aimed at creating well-being in the company.

We believe that living a peaceful working environment increases everyone's motivation, fosters open confrontation and teamwork.

There are three main welfare areas on which SEW-EURODRIVE focuses its attention: work-family reconciliation, health protection, family support and free time.

The company also taking into consideration the current scenarios related to the spread of covid-19, is increasingly promoting smartworking, introduced already since 2017 with the aim of contributing to the creation of a corporate culture based on widespread responsibility and transparency of results: from autonomy to remote support, up to the attention to results not only business, but also personal. In this way, the individual worker has the possibility of reconciling work-family more than ever!

Economic sustainability


Building on a long experience today SEW-EURODRIVE, while preserving energy resources and the environment, provides an integrated approach that creates an advanced technological ecosystem, able to facilitate manufacturing companies in the evolution towards a real smart industry. Through connected, modular and integrated automation, it is possible to increase production flexibility, energy efficiency, process safety and speed in the engineering of machines and plants, to compete in a sustainable way. For this reason SEW-EURODRIVE offers:

- MOVI-C®: modular, scalable and flexible automation platform that combines digitized electromechanics with intuitive software, for rapid engineering

- New decentralized portfolio: mechatronic drive system with electronics and integrated digital interface, able to offer complete solutions for your applications. The decentralized installation technology consists of four product families, MOVIMOT® Performance, Advanced and Flexibleor MOVIGEAR® Performance (with IE5 motors, the best energy efficiency class achievable), depending on whether the electronics are mounted on the motor or separately . The result? Decentralized connected technology because it supports a large number of industrial communication systems; complete as it offers complete solutions; scalable because it is adapted to your needs by applying only the necessary options; easy to use as commissioning and diagnostics are optimized to take less time

- Power and Energy Solutions (PE-S): connected and intelligent system for energy management and recovery, which represents a flexible solution to reduce energy consumption and generate reusable energy

- MOVI4R-U®: first frequency converter for completely sustainable basic needs, built by re-using raw materials for both internal circuits and external materials

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SEW-EURODRIVE's strategy revolves around a single factor: customer satisfaction.

For this reason, to ensure that the production performance of its customers does not have declines during the life cycle and that they are therefore always impeccable in terms of timing and quality, as specialists in drive technologies, we offer a wide range of services, from engineering at plant start-up, up to maintenance and field service.

In times when production processes become increasingly complex, service offerings must be more complete and take into account every phase of the plant's life cycle. SEW-EURODRIVE therefore offers Life Cycle Services, services for the entire life cycle of the plant, offering scalable and customized solutions.

Lean Smart Factory Consultanc

Thanks to the experience acquired with the implementation of the Lean Smart Factory in Solaro, the company proposes itself, in collaboration with certified System Integrators, as a strategic partner for the realization of innovative projects and complete industrial automation solutions which can guarantee advantages in terms of production flexibility, increased efficiency and process safety, rapid development as well as simplicity of technological integration.

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Online Support

Access portal to all SEW-EURODRIVE services, available 24/7, integrated on the website; it is structured to offer rapid support in pre-selection activities, in the management of offers and orders, in monitoring the status of the material and in post-sales processes. It allows both to select and order SEW spare parts or replacement products, and to request a replacement product for components from other manufacturers, by simply filling in the appropriate online form.

Finally, SEW-EURODRIVE has recently introduced the new "Anomalies Management" function that allows you to contact us even more easily and quickly. This allows you to request a repair, modification or service activity, also directly on site via the portal.

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Tutorial e Webinar

SEW-EURODRIVE has created new tutorials to provide its customers with immediate support for the use of hardware and software, as well as to illustrate all the functionality of the MOVI-C® platform.

Finally, several free online appointments are available: to participate in the webinars, just register to have, in a simple and quick way, insights ranging from automation technologies to engineering software, without neglecting robotics and Service activities.

Technical training

Training is part of the DNA of the company: for this reason SEW-EURODRIVE has decided to provide complete technical courses (and with the release of a specific certificate) of training and updating, even remotely, customized for a number of users and topics.

Through various web-based tools, SEW-EURODRIVE offers technical expertise on the functionality, installation and maintenance methods of its technologies through effective and innovative learning paths.