Our commitment to a sustainable ecosystem

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    We are SEWstainable! And you?

For us at SEW-EURODRIVE Italia, being sustainable means growing with organizational and business models capable of creating shared value: the goal is to ensure the progress of the economic results of our company and our customers and, at the same time, to generate value for the society we operate in and for our stakeholders, with particular care for the preservation of the environment and the protection of future generations.

We strongly believe that in the long term economic growth, social cohesion and environmental protection must go hand in hand, which is why we have decided to embark on a path toward sustainability.

This path is embodied in a transparent approach capable of developing a strong orientation towards innovation and technology, which we consider fundamental to curb the impact on the environment and improve the ability to measure all impacts resulting from business choices as well as from the behavior of each one of us.

Since 2021, SEW-EURODRIVE Italy has been drafting its sustainability report.

The core of sustainability in SEW-EURODRIVE

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Green Policy

Our commitment to protect the environment and safeguard natural resources.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to the industrial ecosystem and society.

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Sustainability report

Our commitment to ecosystem impact reporting for the development of new preservation and improvement actions.

A new vision to drive innovation that delivers new forms of economic and social value effectively balancing people, planet, and prosperity.
This is what we call being SEWstainable!


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