SEW-EURODRIVE and certified System Integrators: strategic collaboration for winning solutions

Backed by a long experience in machine automation, logistics and process, today SEW-EURODRIVE is able to provide an integrated approach to create an advanced technological ecosystem, while preserving energy resources and the environment: from mechanical elements to their management via software, from robotics to logistics, from data to predictive maintenance, up to solutions on board self-driving vehicles.

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Interpreting the needs of emerging markets and transforming them into technological solutions with high added value requires high skills and a long experience in specific projects for different industrial sectors. Being able to collaborate with certified System Integrators, with technological and application know-how acquired in many projects for the development of sector-specific automation and handling solutions, is for SEW-EURODRIVE the opportunity to offer its customers, users of machines and plants , innovative and competitive solutions

The MAXOLUTION division of SEW-EURODRIVE collaborates with its Partners to develop specific systems for the main industrial sectors such as Food, Automotive, Beverage, Consumer Goods, Airport, Courier, Express and Parcel, solutions both for the automation of machines, plants and robotic applications ( Machine Automation and Handling) and Factory Automation such as Automated Guided Vehicle, also providing support for the Engineering and Commissioning phases.

The System Integrators, through their professional and technical-commercial organization and by integrating multiple SEW automation technologies, are able to create and supply to third parties:ù

  • Complex finished automation systems, machines or partly completed machines, commissioned by third parties
  • Integration of finished complex automation systems into pre-existing systems
  • Operational start-up of automation systems

SEW-EURODRIVE certified System Integrators are also able to guarantee:

  • Design of machines and production plants
  • Development of control software components
  • System integration
  • Hardware systems development
  • Field assistance
  • After-sales support
  • Project Management for the construction and integration of complex automation systems, jointly with SEW-EURODRIVE

All SEW-EURODRIVE System Integrators follow training and refresher courses on a continuous basis, always keeping their skills in automation technologies, software development, safety regulations and national and international directives, as well as project management, adequate to the state of the art complex.

Thinking today about the automation of your future factory to remain competitive in the global context, SEW-EURODRIVE thus expands its consulting proposal to help manufacturing industries in redefining production processes in a Smart Factory: our experts, in collaboration with the Systems Certified integrators design, plan and implement your most innovative, connected and flexible process and automation solutions together with you.

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Our MAXOLUTION® system solutions for industrial automation and machine automation offer innovative technologies. From planning to commissioning, you benefit from our many years of experience.

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