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Parallel arm kinematics kit

The MAXOLUTION® kinematic kit for tripods and the delta robot offer maximum flexibility to configure your automation technology quickly and easily.

Synchronous servomotors
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CM3C.. series

The CM3C .. series synchronous servomotors are dynamic and precise drives, suitable for quickly moving heavy loads, and they are exceptionally compact and compact.

People make the difference
Get ahead | shape the future | SEW-EURODRIVE

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Get ahead | shape the future | SEW-EURODRIVE


The testimony of the SEW-EURODRIVE workers is undoubtedly the best way to attract the talents of the future.

MOVI-C® Power and Energy Solutions
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Evolution towards a modular factory

PE-S is the flexible solution to reduce energy consumption, ensuring greater efficiency, stability and independence from the electricity grid.


Do you have a technical emergency on the weekend?

Use the smartphone-optimized web application to get in touch quickly with our Tecnichal Support, or call the toll-free number 800.909.600.


Something to be proud of: Our references

Customer satisfaction is our best reference! Each tells a success story through our world-class expertise in drive technology.

Services for the complete system life cycle

Life Cycle Service

Six phases based on the life cycle of machines and systems

Mobile Assistance System

Flexible layouts thanks to MAS

SEW-EURODRIVE has developed a very articulated offer of Mobile Assistance Systems that indicate a unique peculiarity: it is not a matter of simple self-driving vehicles, but of real assistants and partners.