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Solutions for the Smart Factory

The MOVI-C® platform is the complete, modular, connected and flexible solution for all automation needs. Four modules for 100% automation from a single source.

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Factory Automation

Do you want to automate production and assembly processes in the most linear way while maintaining flexibility that allows you to react quickly to market needs in the future?

DriveRadar® DataCollector
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Loading IIoT useful data

Software for collecting and converting sensor data from frequency converters and controllers provides valuable information for condition monitoring and in-depth system analysis directly from the app.

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Sustainable development 2030

In line with the objectives expressed by the United Nations Global Compact, we contribute every day to improving the quality of life, while protecting the environment and future generations.

MOVI-C® Power and Energy Solutions
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Evolution towards a modular factory

The SEW-EURODRIVE solution for intelligent management of energy and grid power increases the availability of machines and systems.

Tire industry
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Our consolidate solutions

Tires are one of the most important components and are essential for the safety of a vehicle or aircraft. We guarantee reliable drive solutions for production with high efficiency values

Corporate Social Responsibility
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We drive the potential

SEW-EURODRIVE actively contributes to forming and a creative context of trust and growth of people to contribute to a sustainable development of the social context.

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Our technology webinars

Do you have specific application, handling or efficiency needs? Or do you want to reduce maintenance costs and eliminate plant shutdowns?

Anomalies management
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The quick solution to your problems

With the new Anomaly Management function available in the Online Support portal, you can quickly and easily request a repair, modification or Service activity also on site.