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Our technology webinars

Do you have specific application, handling or efficiency needs? Or do you want to reduce maintenance costs and eliminate plant shutdowns?

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Wide freedom in automation

With the field distributor, the automation moves from the central control panel to the field, exactly where an automation of the drives is required.

BE SEWstainable!
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Sustainable development 2030

We want to take an active role in creating a sustainable future, contributing to the evolution of the social and economic system and at the same time protecting the environment.

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Do you have a technical emergency?

Access the web application optimized for smartphones to get in touch quickly with one of our Tecnichal Support, or call the toll-free number 800.909.600.

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System solutions for automation

Our MAXOLUTION® solutions for Factory Automation and Machine Automation offer innovative technologies. Start thinking about tomorrow's processes today.

MOVI-C® Tutorial
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We are always ready to support you

Rely on our video tutorials designed specifically to provide immediate support for the use of hardware and software, as well as all the features of the portfolio of components for MOVI-C® automation.

MOVIKIT® software
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Complex procedures become simple

MOVIKIT® are predefined software modules which are used for the execution of tasks from simple automation functions to complex Motion Control functions.

DriveRadar® DataCollector
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Loading of IIoT useful data

The software for the collection and conversion of sensor data from frequency converters and controllers, provides valuable information for monitoring the conditions and in-depth analysis of the system directly from the application in question.

Anomalies management
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The quick solution to your problems

With the new Anomaly Management function available in the Online Support portal, you can quickly and easily request a repair, modification or Service activity also on site.