Do you have a technical emergency on the weekend?

Use the smartphone-optimized web application to get in touch quickly with our Tecnichal Support, or call the toll-free number 800.909.600.

Smart Maintenance

Smart maintenance with DriveRadar®

DriveRadar® is our proposal for a global digital representation of drive components and system solutions.

MOVIGER® performance

The new mechatronic drive unit

MOVIGEAR® performance combines motor, gearbox and electronics in one housing, integrates existing products in terms of functionality and continuity.

Mobile Assistance System

Flexible layouts thanks to MAS

SEW-EURODRIVE has developed a very articulated offer of Mobile Assistance Systems that indicate a unique peculiarity: it is not a matter of simple self-driving vehicles, but of real assistants and partners.

ethical code

Future-oriented with solid values

Our action is based on respect for essential ethical values and adherence to the key principles of SEW-EURODRIVE, promoting responsible actions and healthy dynamism.