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Technical emergencies on weekends

SEW Help offers you free telephone support in the weekend and in some cases will also allow the supply of spare parts

Ecodesign Regulation
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Updates on the Ecodesign Directive

The new regulation has been completely revised and establishes new requirements that will be in effect from 1 July 2021.

KES37 and RES37 gearmotors
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Stainless steel gearmotors: impeccable hyg

The KES37 and RES37 stainless steel gearmotors are suitable for all sectors that require a high standard of hygiene and safety, they are also compact and not subject to wear


Do you have specific application needs?

Take part in our free online appointments, thanks to our technological solutions you will find the most suitable solution for you.

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Solutions for the Smart Factory

The MOVI-C® platform is the complete, modular, connected and flexible solution for all automation needs. Four modules for 100% automation from a single source.

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Online assistance is even smarter! We are constantly evolving with customized solutions and tools for you, placing your needs at the center of continuous innovation and experimentation.

Mobile assistance systems
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Maximum flexibility and scalability

They are the networkers of an intelligent factory, an added value completely connected to the network, supporting people and automation.

Food & Beverage
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We know your needs thoroughly

To cope with the dynamism of the market, it is necessary to rely on drive solutions that guarantee greater flexibility, efficiency, simplicity, safety and production speed.

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Our commitment to sustainable development

SEW-EURODRIVE wants to take an active role in creating a sustainable future, contributing to the evolution of the social and economic system and protecting the environment at the same time.