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Space-saving installation
thanks to custom coordination options for torque and speed in all seven sizes.

High efficiency
thanks to the simple design of the helical-worm gear unit.

Low-noise operation
because the linear power transmission attenuates torque impulses on the drive shaft.

K series helical-bevel gear units W series SPIROPLAN® right-angle gear units
S series helical-worm gear units – simple design, exceptionally smooth-running

While their cost-effectiveness is due to their simple design, custom coordination options for torque and speed ensure our helical-worm gear units are compact for ease of installation. Use S series helical-worm gear units as a cost-effective solution for meeting basic requirements in your machine or plant applications.

Adding in a helical gear stage means that significantly higher efficiency can be achieved than when using plain worm gear units. The linear power transmission makes these helical-worm gear units exceptionally smooth-running and low-noise. Why? Power is transmitted to the input shaft via the worm shaft and worm gear in a process that reduces torque impulses and facilitates low noise levels.

The torque range extends from 92 to 4000 Nm. For the new S..7p it is 105 Nm to 4300 Nm.

Contact form Worldwide locations Drive selection TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system Adapters Surface and corrosion protection Extended Warranty Lubricants DUO diagnostic unit Just a few clicks to a product recommendation S..7p – helical-worm gear units with enhanced torque

Our new S..7power series offers even higher torque for all seven sizes, which ensures you can benefit from a higher power density. Torque on the S..7p series is up to 65 % higher than on standard S..7 helical-worm gear units.


Besides lubricating the gearing, gear oils also play a significant role in dissipating heat in gear units. Our new lubricant SEW GearOil Poly increases the performance of worm gear units by reducing friction in the gear teeth in particular. As a result, the helical-worm gear units can be pushed to a higher torque. SEW GearOil Poly forms a highly effective lubrication film, which increases the service life of both the lubricant itself and wear parts such as sealing rings and bearings. SEW GearOil Poly also improves the efficiency of the helical-worm gear units.


The way power and speed are transmitted in helical-worm gearing generates a high level of sliding friction between the worm and worm gear. Using SEW GearOil Poly ensures outstanding lubrication and optimum heat dissipation at every operating point, which fundamentally enhances efficiency. As a result, it has been possible to increase the efficiency of S..7p helical-worm gear units by up to 13 percentage points. This effect is particularly noticeable on the large gear ratios and is hugely beneficial. This enhanced efficiency immediately gives you a higher usable output torque for the same motor power. If the higher output torque is not taken off, consumption is reduced at the same speed and you save energy and benefit from reduced energy costs.

More power or more reserves

The increased torques mean that, in the best-case scenarios, you can select the next size down, as you can now take off higher torques in a smaller space or, if you cannot vary the gear unit size, you have greater safety/reserves in your drive.

Only half the solution without a motor?

Then use our modular system and combine the helical-worm gear units of the S series or the new S..7p series with an AC motor to form an S..DR.. helical-worm gearmotor or with a servomotor to form an S..CMP helical-worm servo gearmotor of your choice. Or simply choose the separate AC motor that meets your requirements or servomotor.

  • Much greater efficiency than plain worm gear units thanks to helical-worm combinations
  • Very low-noise operation
  • Available designs:
    • Foot-mounted or flange-mounted design
    • B5 or B14 flange-mounted design
    • Solid or hollow shaft
    • Hollow shaft with keyed connection, shrink disk, splining or TorqLOC®
S series/S..7p series / sizes 37 / 47 / 57 / 67 / 77 / 87 / 97
Gear unit ratioi3.97 – 288.00
Gear unit ratio – compound gear unitsi110 – 33 818
Max. output torque*Nm92 – 4 300
Motor power range (mounting via AM motor adapter)kW0.12 – 30

* Smaller values possible, depending on the ratio

  • Stage drives
  • Adjustment drives
  • Presses
  • Rotary tables
  • Corner transfer units