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Safe operation
The proven motors/gear unit combinations in ATEX design offer maximum explosion protection.

Utilize versatility
The modular concept for EDR.. motors and ATEX helical gear units is particularly extensive.

Achieve high torque values
R..EDR.. helical gearmotors offer powerful performance, even when high torque values are required.

F..EDR.. explosion-proof parallel-shaft helical gearmotors
The safe gearmotor variant for potentially explosive atmospheres

R..EDR..helical gearmotors fully comply with the ATEX standard. In II2GD and II3GD versions, they offer the ideal combination of performance and explosion protection.

Particularly when selecting motors, you should not have to make compromises. Our ATEX-certified EDR.. motors are critical components when it comes to drive safety in potentially explosive areas. A number of motor sizes cover a power range from 0.12  kW to 45 kW and offer a large degree of flexibility in terms of selection.

Plant-specific torques ranging from 50 Nm to 18,000 Nm can.be flexibly realized in combination with the robust, explosion-proof helical gear units from the R series.

This broad spectrum is made possible by the SEW-EURODRIVE modular concept. Our explosion-proof R..EDR..helical gearmotors are available for categories 2 and 3. They can also be safely used in gas zones 1 and 2 and/or in dust zones 21 and 22.

Our explosion-proof R..EDR.. helical gearmotors also always meet high demands in terms of low weight and space-saving installation.

Contact form Worldwide locations Worldwide directives and standards Adapters Extended Warranty Surface and corrosion protection Lubricants DUO diagnostic unit Encoder systems /DUE diagnostic unit option Premium Sine Seal oil seal Other additional features More information Explosion-proof helical gear unit RX series (single-stage)
  • Highly efficient helical gear units in 6 sizes
  • High output speeds up to 830 Nm
  • Gear unit ratios up to i = 8.65
    • Available in foot-mounted or flange-mounted design
R series (two-stage and three-stage)
  • Fifteen different sizes allow for an optimum ratio between performance and space requirements
  • Finely stepped gear unit ratios up to i = 289.74, or i = 27 001 for double gear units
  • Available in foot-mounted or flange-mounted design
  • Also available with reduced backlash
RM series (two-stage and three-stage)
  • Explosion-proof helical gear units with extended output bearing hub
  • Specifically designed for agitating applications
  • 10 sizes
    • Offer gear unit ratios up to i = 289.74
    • Allow high overhung and axial loads as well as bending moments
More on explosion-proof R series helical gear units Explosion-proof AC motors EDR.. series
  • Compliant with EC Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX), or as of April 20, 2016 of the EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) and IECEx
    • Can be used in categories 2G, 2GD and 3GD, 3D for zones 1 / 21 and 2 / 22
    • Also available as brakemotor in category 3
    • Conform to the efficiency class IE2
    • In accordance with IECEx to EPL Gb and Db as well as Gc and Dc
    • In accordance with the IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme, EDRS and EDRE motor types are audited and certified by PTB by means of ExTr, QAR, and CoC. For more information on the certification system, see the website of the International Electrotechnical Commission.
    • Operation on a frequency inverter, also in field-weakening operation, for categories 2 and 3 and/or EPL .b and .c
  • According to HazLoc-NA® (NEC500/C22.1)
    • Motors are certified according to the Class Division System and therefore meet the explosion protection requirements for the North American market
    • Available as CID2 type, for Division 2 Class I for gas groups A, B, C and D
    • Available as CIID2 type, Division 2 Class II for dust groups F and G
    • Available as type /CICIID2, for Division 2 Class I for gas groups A, B, C and D and Class II for dust groups F and G
    • Also available as brakemotor
    • Operation with frequency inverter possible
More on explosion-proof EDR.. series AC motors
RX..EDR.. gearmotors
RX..gear units (single-stage)EDR.. motors
Gear unit sizeMaMax. Gear unit
576971S4 – 132M40.12 – 5.5
6713471S4 – 132M4 0.12 – 5.5
7721571S4 – 160M40.12 – 9.2
8740571S4 – 180L40.12 – 18.5
9759571S4 – 225M40.12 – 45
107830100M4 – 225M42.2 – 45
R..EDR.. gearmotors
R.. gear units (two-stage and three-stage)EDR.. motors
Gear unit sizeMaMax. Gear unit
075071S4 – 71M40.12 – 0.37
178571S4 – 80M40.12 – 0.75
2713071S4 – 100LC40.12 – 3
3720071S4 – 100LC40.12 – 3
4730071S4 – 132M40.12 – 5.5
5745071S4 – 132M40.12 – 5.5
6760071S4 – 132M40.12 – 5.5
7782071S4 – 160M40.12 – 9.2
87155071M4 – 180L40.37 – 18.5
97300071M4 – 225M40.37 – 45
1074300100M4 – 225M42.2 – 45
1276000100M4 – 225M42.2 – 45
1378000132M4 – 225M45.5 – 45
14713 000160M4 – 225M49.2 – 45
16718 000160M4 – 225M49.2 – 45
  • Applications in potentially explosive atmospheres with air/gas or air/dust mixtures according to Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX), or as of April 20, 2016 of the EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX)
  • Applications with equipment categories II2GD and II3GD
  • Use with air mixtures


  • Rotary tables
  • Pumps and fans
  • Waste water and sewage treatment plants
  • Fans
  • Roller conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Corner transfer units